What shirt matches yellow shorts?

Okay; so I have yellow shorts but I dont now what shirt color would match them:(

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In my opinion a light blue would go great. Then you could add some pink and/ or white accesories if you like. Hope this help . Oh just don't use a red top kinda will look like ketchup and mustard.

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White is best. If it's a light yellow color then other combinations are easier. If it's a strong, vibrant yellow then the best other possible color is probably black.

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I were a whit or black tanktop with them,
and honestly I think all the colors match yellow, you just need matching accesories like if you were purple just were a purple and yellow neckalace or bracelete

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I think a nice white shirt would go well. Maybe with some designs that have a bit of yellow in them.

If you can't really find a good shirt to match the shorts. Lay the shorts out on your bed and lay the shirt on top and get a good view of how they look like. It's getting a 3rd person visual of your clothing so you can see how other people will think of what you wear!

Hope this helps :)

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Black, red, blue, brown, white

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White or maybe light blue. If you wear black you might look like a bee (:

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white, green,light blue if it is a polo

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Hm, I would say, White, or Black ;]

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