Do the colors pink and yellow match?

I told my friend I was gonna wear my pink converse and a yellow dress to school and she said that those colors don't go together that great...
What do you think?

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I think it looks pretty cute,I have a pink and yellow headband I might wear with it to tie the colors together

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pink and yellow go together if theyre like both on the dress but I dont think that the pink converse would go. I don't know why but they look weird serperated. maybe its just me

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I think they look great together like in accesories and stuff. they are two awesome colours :) x

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I think it would look cute together in my opinion,great combo

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I think its a good colour combo

reminds me of pink lemonade

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The first thing that came to mind was pink lemonade...If you want to,though,go ahead. It's your body.

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Pink and yellow go great together in my opinion! Especially if there in a striped or checkered pattern :)

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Well I don't think that they really match but I think a yellow dress with pink chucks would look pretty cool.

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Yes but i like pink & gold.

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Pink and yellow typically go well together.

If you think it would look good, then you should go and wear them together.

As long as you like it, then nothing else should matter.

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i think it is up to u
dont care for ppl about u
some times i will do what i like not what ppl like

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