What's your opinion on this name choice ?

Hi I wanted to know if these names go and sound alright together.
Catharine-Eva Marie Renee' Ray

Thanks in advance

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wow. I think catherine-eva marie sounds great...but renne ray dosnt sound to great with it...besides you dont want the name to be drastically long! lol

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Catherina Marie Rene sounds nice and not too long. it has good flow. the ray does fit in and far too close to rene to have good flow

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in spanish catherine eva maria sounds really nice :P

and pick barack obama for the name too :D

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Thanks (:
But I dont think 3 middle names is long tbh.. lol

- Ox

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the ray doesnt go with the rest of the name tbf

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wtf man? any longer?

catherina eva is nice

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Catharine-Ray Renee' Eva marie...
how's it ?

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Well it is only 3 middle names!! Lol.. (:

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Thanks (:

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