What's With Marilyn Manson

What’s up with Marilyn Manson? Why do the main streamers give him the name Goth? He’s no where near it. He’s just your stereotypical metal head(if you can even call his music metal). Only 7% of Goths will claim that he is, & that 7% are usually Mall-Goths(basically want to-be posers), or Spooky kids posing as 1. Here are some quotes from some fellow Goths

“I don’t think hes goth. He kinda reminds me of nny from johnny the homicidal maniac lol XD” -gothic_queen

“I kind of think he’s cool, yes is mentally unstable but out of all the killers I like him the best! what I like about him is the fact that he did never truly killed any of his victims, he had people do it for him. That and by def. of Goth no he isn’t one” -Vampirate_Princess

“I definitely don’t think he’s Goth. He’s a mainstream arrogant, disgusting, talentless $h**bag. -laughingbloodymurder

Why do people deny he's a Satanist? He's a recognized member of the Church of Satan & was taught by the founder himself.
He's a sick perverted freak, why do people deny that?

“Shock rock singer Marilyn Manson has been accused of squandering his band’s profit on a child’s skeleton and masks made of human skin.

Keyboardist Stephen “Pogo” Bier filed a breach of contract lawsuit in August in which he accused Manson of taking cash belonging to the rest of the band to pay for the “sick and disturbing” purchases.

His lawyer Keith Fink has now filed additional papers adding to a list of artifacts bought by the Goth singer- many of which are illegal in the US.

As well as the skeleton and masks, Manson is said to have bought a range of stuffed animals, including a grizzly bear and two baboons.

He is also accused of using band funds to pay for a collection of Nazi memorabilia.” -Sky News & he dates chicks usually in the age range 18-30, he’s over 40. & what’s with his music? You have to wonder if he’s even inspired to write. The music to the Beautiful People was taken from a punk band, & his remix SUCK. If you’re going to make a remix make sure the remix is just as good as if not better than the original, come on.

& wth is with him preaching Satanic crap at is concerts, & then ripping & burning the bibles. I admit, I’m not to found of Christianity, but spitting at each picture that portrays Christ & rebelling against isn’t worth it. He also states he hopes to bring about it’s fall, tell ya what, that ante the way to do it, lol & why does he claim to be the anti christ? He’s just a fricken poser

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Emo & Goth have been around way before either of us were born Goth has been a subculture since 1979 & Emo a genre since 1985 Emo’s just making another comeback unfortunately

I know how that is myself, & I know some 1 else who had it worse off She’s forced to attend church & church boot camp, her mother treats he as a slave, & she use to live in a walk in close till she moved in with her grandparents, & she still forced to go to church, thats only half the story though. She’s still kind hearted. She doesn’t like Christanity but doesn’t rebell agaisnt it. I admit, I despise the religion(note I said religion not people, though a lot of the people who flaunt it in my face get on my nerves) & I do admit that I hope in the future it falls. I’m fine with any other bibical religion, just that 1 I can’t stand(that & Satanism). & I can tell you what, if I were to try(not saying I am) to bring about ti’s fall I would do it a whole diffrent way, what is spitting in religous pictures & preaching satanism going to do? Not a darn thing.

Answer #2

I have to admit one thing I do love about marliyn manson if that he doesnt jsur rebel he rebells with passion every song I hear of his oozes passion ripping the bibles is jsut showing how a mislead strict childhood and disrupt and damage the future what hes doing is like sticking his fingers up at his parents saying your brought me up catholic but look how I’ve turned out to me the way he potrays himself in videos such as the nobodies to me I see so much anger, frustration and passion from a forced catholic childhood I also lived a forced christianity lifestyle so I know how he feels I go to a catholic school, I have to attend catholic mass and it akes me angry because thats not who I am inside hope this made you think x

Answer #3

haha make it 5% outta 100 & still going down probably

Answer #4

manson sucks he’s a total loser he’s no metal head and id say his music is not metal he’s one big poser and so are his fans.

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yeah & what anoys me is the fact that we’re mistaken for both metal heads & emo, yet they seem to be able to decipher emo & metal head well, they don’t get those 2 confused, so how can they mistake Goth for being both?

Answer #6

haha, well he certainly doesnt fit in with the goth stereotype but you know kids nowdays …theyll call anyone wearing black either emo or goth

Answer #7

Make it 6 OUT OF 100% just had a new vote on the poll & here’s their comment:

“Marlene Manson… Marilyn Manson… Whatever his name is, he’s not goth, he’s plain out satanist! And he doesn’t makes goth music, his music falls into the catogery “shock rock” or how the hell ever you spell it. Never liked the guy because I knew he was a fake since I saw him for the first time. “ ~BlackSpell

HERE’S A LINK to the poll if anyone is interested


Answer #8

people are idiots people call me emo when I am nowere near it its because people have become lazy with sterotyping so in my country if you have black hair your emo if you have blonde your chav its almost that ridiculous. like once when I was 11 even thou I had blodne hair at the time I wore black mascara to school an from that day on I’ve been labeled as goth until emo came around even thou I hate emo I think it looks ridiculous its also strange because I’ve been told my a freind its weird your nota goth but your very gothic I thought that remark was interesting

Answer #9

Shock Rocker is what I get told over and over again off my mate who has a mega man crush on him :)

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