What's the difference between Windows XP and Vista?

What’s the difference between Windows XP and Vista? Just wondering.

Answer #1

Windows XP is fast but good for older PCs 200MHz or higher Pentium 200MHz with 96MB of ram it is really fast. if you use Pentium 2 or higher then 256MB of ram makes it faster. Now to sport. Windows Vista is good for PCs 800MHz or higher with 512MB of ram. you can use 386MB of ram but it will be a bit slower. 2.80GHz with 1GB of ram makes vista really fast

Answer #2

If you have windows xp, keep it. Vista itself takes up a TON of memory.

Answer #3

Funny. . . . Nirvana12, I hope your not selling computer for a living.

Vista and XP are Both operation systems put out my Microsoft. XP is one of the most widely used and populare windows systems used. Vista is the new kid on theblock for microsoft. newer drivers newer functions more secure and sharper looking. XP comes in Home, Pro, and media editions while Vista come in ultimate, home premium, home basic, Business and Enterprise editions. . . hope that helps some.

Answer #4

NetMeeting has been replaced by Windows Collaboration while MSN Explorer has been removed completely.

IN vista Bitlocker Option available, Windows XP has No Bitlocker option

  • Bitlocker drive encryption, Bitlocker on volume Prevents hard drive from hackers
Answer #5

nirvana is a b* because vista is not just for laptop is also for desktop I have vista on this computer vista is one of the most advance in xp, windows more updated things on all also if theres knd of virus your computer will automatic advice you to delete the virus

Answer #6

Here pretty much everybody here mentioned something useful. The reason why the first guy stated that Windows Vista is on a laptop, is because unless you are purchasing an Apply/Macintosh computer, you will find Microsoft Windows Vista as the operating system on the computer. The operating system is lile the software on the computer that makes it user friendly. its what converts computer language into something you can work work with, plain old english. Windows XP is an older out of date operating system that released in 2001. it served as a completley new operating system on the market. a lot of people here are reccomending you to keep XP because Vista (the new Operating system by microsoft windows), is almost too “user friendly” if you will. it is like dumbing it down, and it makes it hard to freely do the things oyu want to do. However, don’t listen to these people when they tell you XP is safer than Vista. if you want to be the safest in terms of only operating systems go with the new technology of Vista. But me as a PC user, I would reccomend Windows XP over Vista or Apple/MAC. hope this helped. sorry for the length but you asked such a full question, it deserved a full answer.

Answer #7

hahahahaha vista is a laptop xp is a desktop pc… LOL.. haha.. sorry.. but anyway. theyre both different operating systems, vista is a newer operating system, however, I find xp to be more reliable, and virus proof… even though when I had vista I had the same anti virus, same anti spyware, oh and vista even had the defender! maybe its more vulnerable to threats… my advice, stick with xp for now.

Answer #8

windows vista is a laptop. windows xp is the desk top computer

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