What's the best laptop to buy?

Ok so im getting a new laptop within this next week. But not sure which 1 to buy. I found some from walmart.com theres a bundle package for $548. But im looking for the best 1 I can find for the lowest price possible. Also it has to have a cd/dvd burner so I can burn cd’s. And im always online downloading and talking to friends. So from your experiance whut like brand laptop and whut size would you recommend?? Thanxx.

Answer #1

You should look into buying from Asus or Sony. These companies have great quality laptops and really good customer service (something HP doesn’t have).

Answer #2

ok heres the thing laptops are cheap even the really good ones from Best Buy, in my opinion Acer is one of the best right now, mine is running an 18.4” HD 16:9 widescreen lcd, 4gb ram, intel core 2 duo, 320gb HDD, nvidia 9600M GT Cuda 1gb video card, virtual 5.1 surround sound. all for $1300 but if thats to much then try http://walmart.ca/Canada-Electronic.jsp?selection=listingDetails&assetId=49532&imageId=67953&departmentId=201&categoryId=836&tabId=1 its good for gaming if you like games and its fast for what you want and has a pretty big hard drive for movies, games, music and its cheap.

Answer #3

Over here in Australia, Toshiba is the type most people recommend. I have one and it got a score of 9 out of 10 in an Australian Computer magazine. One thing, it doesn’t seeem to like playing DVD’s too well, so you might like to check this out before purchase. The one I have burns C.D.’s very well, but it does not (as fas as I know) burn D.V.D.’s.

Answer #4

what ever you do, don’t get a small labtop. they are SO effing hard to type on. And I think every labtop has a cd port thingy. so you don’t have to worry about that. but if I were you, I would just talk to someone that works there and tell them what you want. They should know more about the labtops that they have instore. espically if your buying one from best buy. (:

Answer #5

The netbooks (tiny ones) do not have an internal CD drive. You would have to hook up an external one through the USB port, so I wouldnt recomend those. I would also recomend waiting until you can get one with Windows 7 factory installed. Updates never work as well especially when its the OS youre updating (operating system) .Toshibas and HPs, in my opinion, are the best. They have amazing battery life, they dont break easily, theyre lighter, and the can take a lot of abuse (though I wouldnt recomend testing just how much abuse they can take lol). Gateways suck (once again, in my opinion) both my father and I had them and our battery lifes were down to twenty minutes in two months, the wireless cards broke in both of them so we couldnt really use them. It just wasnt good. Sony’s arent very good either, you can get them in pretty colors, but they crash incredibly easily and you can lose everything. Dells are fine, except their customer service isnt there. If you have a problem you have to send it into Dell factorys and you can be without your computer for several weeks (not good!). It is really up to you. Take your time shopping, watch for sales flyers, figure out what you want (screen size, webcam, keyboard, etc) I would also keep in mind if youre going to be carrying it around you may not want something very large. Besides it weighing more it also takes more space in a backpack and you may have to buy a special case just for it instead of using what you already have. I would also take a DVD with you when you shop and test out to make sure that it actually does play DVD’s. Even though almost all of them say they do, we found that not all of them actually do. They are missing a codec which doesnt allow them to play and while you can install the codec, it is very dangerous and could screw up your computer. Hope that helps

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