What's the best fast food restauraunt?

I like fast food but some of the food tastes too greasy.is there any fast food thats wholesome and not so greasy?

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I love Subway too. I think Quiznos is gross. They toast the bread because it's so stale otherwise. If you ever ask for a Quiznos sub untoasted, it will taste hard and stale. gross.

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Subway is disgusting... I like Quiznos. Fast chinese food (Panda express) is bad for you. I worked there and they fry most of their entrees. Pizza (Pizza Hut, dominoes) is actually pretty good for you, as they bake their food instead of frying it. Noah's Bagles is yummy, nutritious and fast.

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...oops, didn't see the answer above me. That's the only place I know of. What about Thai food? Do you have any Fast Food Thai Restaurants? They have a lot of noodles and vegetable dishes but I think the sauces they use may be fattening. Chinese?

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I love McDonalds... c'mon does it come any greasier?
No, I think most of them are grease-ful... thats why they "fast" because they boil their food in grease for a few minutes and BAM! food is made lol

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not really, not in the fast food department
even there "healthy menus" are high in fat/grease ect
maybe you should try a resturaunt, like a place that sells lots of pasta, or seafood, ect

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Jack in the Box!

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subway is nasty and disgusting. SO MESSY and so unsanitary looking. Popeyes aren't as greasy as KFC.

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Subway and Arby's are my favorites.

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mc'ds has good salads

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What about Subway, places like that? Subs aren't very fattening.

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I agree with subway. we have lenny's here, much better than subway but I think that it is in tennessee only.
talk about gross, do you remember the quiznos commercial with the little singing dead rats with huge drawn lips and teeth.
"quiznos, we love the subs...the quiznos subs" as if the toasted sandwiches weren't gross enough...lol.

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Subway is the only one I can think of that is non greasy and 'supposedly' good for you

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define fast food..
jack and the box isnt too horrible
panda express
in and out isnt half bad either

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