What's it like traveling on a plane?

What’s it like traveling on a plane? I am terrified of heights, just thinking about being so high in the air scares me! Is it really that scary when you are on a plane? Do your ears pop when it takes off and when it lands? Basically, what is the whole experience like overall? : ]


Answer #1

What everyone said is pretty much right…it really isnt scary and you dont feel like youre up in the air. If you flying to poland from the states then chances are youll be on a biggg plane that has 3 rows of seats that go 9 seats across.

if you position yourself right in the middle(you can chose your seat via a interactive map of the plane when you buy your ticket) you never feel like youre even on a plane. X X X X X X X X X X X X X you X X X X X X X X X X X X X

And as far as being bored it really isnt. On Planes nowadays you have you own personal LCD screen built into the headrest infront of you and a remote for it. You can choose from movies that havent even been released yet…to TV shows, music, video games, ect. Make sure you bring your own set of headphones because the ones they give you are not very comfortable in your ears.

Answer #2

P.S. Like I said if youre flying trans-atlantic(across the ocean) youll be on a BIG plane and you dont even feel anything on those things no turbulence.

Think of it like this. When youre on a small little boat out in the ocean it is going to be reallyy rocky and youll probably get sick. But if your in the same exact spot in the ocean on a HUGE cruise ship you wont feel a thing at all. It the same principle for planes.

Answer #3

To carterz2, I think I already know the plane takes off and lands -_-‘’ No need to be a smart a** about it. You didn’t even answer the questions I asked…

Thank you everyone else for your answers :) It’s because I might be going to Poland soon and we’ll be traveling by plane. I’ve never been on one before so I was slightly nervous about it. By the sound of it I have nothing to worry about : ] Except for the whole being bored thing lol. Thanks for your advice people!


Answer #4

im scared of heights 2 but you totally forget aboout the height unless you look out the window :/ your ears can pop when taking off + landing, but its nevver really that bad (but sometimes it can be.)but chewing sweets helps. its actually less bumpy than on a car, it doesnt feel like your moving anywhere but you are. the worst bits are either the take off or the land because you can feel it moving but it doesnt really take that long. just make sure you dont go when there isnt lightning or anything I havent done it but apparently the plane keeps moving. :/

Answer #5

yeah it’s not that bad.. it’s just boring. I get on planes like every few weeks because I live in two different states, and I also go on a lot of vacations. the flying is not the part you should be worried about.. it’s the airport that f*cking sucks.. once you board the plane it’s all good.

Answer #6

Flying is an experience you’d rather not repeat, especially if you fly coach. If you really don’t like heights, take a train. Its as close to the ground as a car, no driving involved. Plus you have no gas or traffic to deal with. Plus its cheaper than flying.

Answer #7

It’s actually quite boring.

I’ve never had problems with my ears popping, but I suppose everyone’s different.

You don’t really feel like you’re up in the air, unless, of course you have a window seat and it’s a clear day (on a cloudy day, all you’ll see is gray).

Answer #8

Don’t worry about a thing. It is nothing to worry about. The worst part is all of the running around and waiting before you board. If you are very nervous take a late night or red eye flight and you can sleep the whole way.

Answer #9

its boring..just dont watch final destination lol

Answer #10

They plane takes off a few hours later you land

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