Do you like to Travel?

Do you like to Travel? Do you fly: -First Class? -Business Class? -Economy? What places have you been to? What airlines have you been on?

Answer #1

I have been going on cruises since 1996. I have been to Europe, the Caribbean, Mexico, Canada, Hawaii, Virgin Islands, Southern Caribbean too. I love to travel. Going to Alaska in August. My husband works for an airline.

Answer #2

I absolutely love it

I’ve been to Barbados and St. Lucia

On the airlines Liat and BWIA..(those are Caribbean airlines btw)

Answer #3

I love traveling flying doesn’t bother me too much I just can’t look out the window the whole time.

I have flown from PA to Florida from PA to Arizona and I think that’s it but I’ve flown to Florida a couple times.

I’m not really sure what I used haha.

Answer #4

I love to travel but can’t anymore due to illnesses.

I used to fly but probably won’t get to go again in my lifetime.


From N.C. to California, Oregon & in between

Texas and across the border - Whoopie!

Pan Am Eastern

Answer #5

I dont really care. I can sit on top of the plane and wouldnt care as long as I got there LOL…I’ve flown on Jetblue (best one yet) delta US air and im going on frontier soon. I’ve been to california 3 times idaho 8 times I’ve been to mexico 4 times I’ve been to arizona 3 times I’ve been to DC 1 time lets see…texas 1 time colorado 1 time nevada 4 tiimes. im planning on going to mexico again this winter

Answer #6

I’ve been to 21 countries on four continents. My favorites countries to visit have been Luxembourg, Thailand, Turkey, Egypt, Spain, and Poland. And I’ve been to 39 US states. Cali is still my favorite.

I fly several times a year, always economy class. I’ve flown with probably two dozen different airlines. Southwest and Continental are my two favorite American airlines. I also like British Airways, KLM, JAL, RyanAir, and Turk Hava Yollari (Turkish airlines).

Answer #7

Travelling is most important in every person’s life as well as its one of my favourite hobby. Different type of people do travelling for different type of purpose. Especially I like to visit beach area and adventure travel with my friends and Getting lots of enjoyment and relaxation in this busy life.

Answer #8

Yes I love to travel various places especially beach sides and Islands. I also prefer economic class in flights whenever it is needed. Some of the most favourite places that I have visited are Vietnam, Miami, Thailand, Switzerland and Italy.

Answer #9

I really think that travelling with first class has been always a wonderful experience for me. Although, If I travel in economy class. So, it’s doesn’t matters lot for me.

Answer #10

Yes, I like to travel and Of course, I fly in first class. From new zealand to Florida. I have used the American Airlines because it is cheaper and better.

Answer #11

I love to travel but not getting chance to travel more.

Answer #12

I love traveling a lot. I have seen Goa many times. It is a lovely place to travel and visiting this place can give a wonderful experience.

Answer #13

Travelling is part of my life. It makes me feel relax. Well, taking a flight from business, first class or economy class then it will be subject to your budget. There are lots of promotions with these different airlines. If you like to travel in a comfortable way then pay higher.^_^

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