What's hard but soft at the same time?

It is in fact a riddle!!! Get some. Please answer it.

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cheese? :S

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in some ares theres hard water but when you feel it against your skin it feels soft?
I dunno haha

What time is 19:15?

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I would say a stress ball, but, I'm really hoping you didn't mean anything by the comment about President Obama. We are all people, and color doesn't mean a thing. Other than that, my answer is a stress ball. :]
- Advice Girl. <3

What time is considered morning, afternoon, and evening?
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Why are my converse so hard to put on?

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Oblec I don't know how to spell it but it's corn starch and water ( I your makin it don't add to much water) ;)

Why doesn't alcohol effect me?

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No, it wouldn't let me post it until I wrote in the box so I just typed what was in my head at the moment, and it isn't racial.

What does it mean when a guy tips his hat?
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Telephone numbers that start with 02.

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