What random words make you laugh?

I'm a really random person (all of my friends say so) and I laugh at anything, which gets me into trouble sometimes, lol. Anyway, what random words make you laugh?

For me, its, like hobo or mantage, or like pudding or stupid things like that.

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guacomole...noodles...asscheeks...hobknocker...pudding...titticaca lol look that up! it's a river called the titticaca river lololol!

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crepes (my friend says it in a real funny way!), blasphemy! (ever since I read the book The Chrysalids in english... that word makes me laugh!) and pooky (it's an inside joke me and my friends share)

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oh yeah. And "angus" for some reason makes me laugh my a** off! And I'm VEGAN!

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I just typed in hobo and hobowars.com came up. I clicked the link to the site and the pick were HILARIOUS, I laughed my a$s off too, lol.

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Giraffe pancakes pineapples eat yearly boards fit responsibly into muffins why bustn a nut and the cherio factory before Halloween yellow santas kill Steven brakes jeffs arms because he likes bob

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me and my besstest friend were on youtube one day and she loves the jonas brothers :p
anyway. they had a new video. the song is named bounce.
its so fricken hilariuous,
then her little cousin got up and started dancing he is like 2 1/2. so now in the middle of class one of us just yells bounce and we get into hysterics (: hahahahhaha

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I don't know why but cankles, cactus, antelope, and pinky makes me laugh! ^_^

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puffy pronounce as poofy makes me laugh! ;O lol

Cute nicknames . .

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puffy pronounce as poofy makes me laugh! ;O lol

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puffy pronounce as poofy makes me laugh! ;O lol

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scrimage is a funny word to me! lol I don't know why and dipshit is another

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sillyputty lol im laufing just from typing it

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Deranged...playpus, haha...uhhh...


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It's basically random stupid insides jokes.

but waffles, pickles, and pancakes do.
it's just inside jokes (:

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whoosa!!! freaking hilarious!!! hehehehe ((pronounced wooosuhhh))
hehehe cheese :D :p

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lmao,pants,bum,booger hope this helps :)

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dodo..'pole' (inside joke)..sasquatch..

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omg you must be my twin! lmfao
I laugh really easy
with out there even being a reason to laugh
and if something is like not funny
like a bad joke I laugh anyway
because I think its funny no one laughs

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Almond :) hahahaha it's such a funny word :L x

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"Smoldering Pudding Pants"

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Pudding always makes me laugh. ALWAYS!!!

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lol I laugh at everything too!
my favorite and the word that makes me laugh is flabbergasted

and me and my friend started saying "stuffy nosey" (in a wird voice) and I luv that too.

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nom nom :D

lol my fiancee says that all the time. and mine is:

well I cant say exactly but if you can figure it out good 4 u, d... bag. haha

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poosy pip fart

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Niyah... its a word I made up donno no why but weneva someone asks me a question my answer is alway NIYAH! also I find the word Jelly hilarious.. don't ask y :P

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we had 2 do a vocab assignment and one of the words was MUKLUK. lol I laughed my as* off

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if your friends are talking just randomly shout OBJECTION!!!

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White piece of Furbag : ) Dont ask... It's a long and hella funny story

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jellied moose nose

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