What foods use animal byproducts?

I just found out that marshmellows and jello have animal byproducts in them. what other foods have animal used in them that I don’t know of?? anyone??

Answer #1

Well, you sound like you are going to become vegan. Vegans are the people that don’t eat any animal byproduct. So you can cut out honey, eggs, animal fats (most gelatins and hostess cakes), most canned soups, and the list goes on and on. Vegans because of their diets usually look like a skeleton with skin pulled across it. Then of course is the gas issue because of the difficulty the body has digesting vegetable protein. Oh, and don’t forget to check your shampoos, lotions, and cosmetics for gelatin, urea, and any other possible animal byproduct. Most lotions and body washes you will find these things in.

Vegans live a lifestyle and not just a food choice. I was vegetarian (I made an exception for eggs and dairy) for twenty years. If I had cut out the proteins I did have that were born of animals, then I would have been eating non-stop all day long just to get what I needed to survive.

Answer #2

In spite of what Funguy says there is nothing wrong with a Vegan diet. The vegans I met were all slim, fit, vital, and healthy. I keep hearing people say Vegans are salow and sickly looking but in my experience they are exactly the opposite. There are plenty of Vegan athletes and actresses. Carl Lewis had his best performances after becoming Vegan. There are even vegan body builders that make most meat eaters look like girly-men. Alicia Silverstone, Juaquin Phoenix, Natalie Portman, Pink, and Pamela Anderson are all Vegan and all look great; certianly not skin and bones.

Vegetarians usually do have more gas than meat eaters. The problem here isn’t vegetable protein. Vegetable protein is easily assimilated; the culprit here is fiber and carbohydrates we can’t digest. The anaerobic bacteria in our gut can digest it so the product is gas. How bad gas smells depends on what you eat; if you avoid foods that cause smelly gas like broccoli, cabbage, or brussel sprouts the extra gas usually not a problem Offsetting this most vegetarians find near elimiantion of body odor after they stop eating meat. My wife, my ex, and women I dated have all commented that I never smell. Even my sweaty workout clothes usually just smell like wet laundry and doesn’t get gamey unless I leave them in my gym bag a few days.

All that said I’m not a vegan. I’ve been a lacto-ovo vegetarian since Spring of 1980. The last 4 years I’ve eaten closer to vegan. When I cook for myself I cook vegan but when I travel or eat out I eat some eggs and dairy because frankly dry baked potatoes and steamed vegetables gets old real fast.

In my case my allergies and asthma got worlds better when I started to avoid dairy. Before giving up dairy I was taking nasonex, seravent, singulair, and albuterol yet still not controling my allergies and asthma. Now that I avoid dairy my symptoms got so much better that I don’t need any medications.

Answer #3

oo oops i really meant animal parts. like meat and skins and bones. im not vegan, i just dont eat eggs or meat. i mis-worded what i was trying to say.

Answer #4

One thing many people don’t think of is beer. Many commercial beer uses isinglass as a fining or clarifier. Isinglass is made from fish bladders. Some vegetarians ignore isinglass because most of it does settle out of beer. I brew most of the beer I drink and the only fining I use is Irish moss or carrageen. There is a list on the internet listing Vegan beers but I have doubts about it accuracy because it lists Harp lager as vegan but Guinness Stout as having isinglass. There is no reason to using finings in stout but if a company using isinglass they would probably put in in their lager.

Answer #5

chocolate not every brand.

Answer #6

poptarts…the icing on them has gelatin in it… which is made from gelatin. also… gummie bears, jellybeans, peeps (anything that has a “gummy” texture.) yogurts, jams, cream cheeses, margarine…some “fat-free” or “reduced fat” foods…

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