What MacBook Should I Buy?

So recently I have gotten 3 offers for University that are unconditional so I know I’m going there in September, it’s just to choose what school…

But now I KNOW that I NEED a laptop. & my heart is set on a MacBook. Both my parents are IT’s and recommend Mac but they don’t know much about them so they can’t help me decide which one to get…

I’m also leaning towards the MacBook Pro at the moment. But is the Macbook better? If it isn’t what size of the MacBook Pro should I get?

I’m so confused and indecisive over this… Help Please!

Thanks, Tash.

Answer #1

Macbook pro - more expensive, more ram, overall faster computer…macbook - lower end, etc, but, unless you’re doing graphics design, etc, then the lower end is pretty good. It is a mac, after all :)

Me, I run tons of applications, etc…and since I’m working on the computer 24 7, I have a macbook pro…my wife’s, though, is only 8 months old, mine is about 2 years old, so hers is far better…if money isn’t an issue, I’d get the top of the line, because you know it’ll be faster, better, have longer battery life, etc.

Answer #2

I wouldn’t get a Mac, PC’s are generally better. Also once you consider how much cheaper HP or something is compared to Macs, you will be getting a very good computer at just a fraction of the cost. I recommend HP. I currently have two tabs open, one for Apple and one for HP.

While I was comparing the most expensive HP laptop with the Macbook Pro (since they are about the same price), the HP creams it. For one, the battery life is nearly 3 times longer, much more customizable, more memory, about the same hard drive, and it lighter!

Trust me, just go to HP’s website, you will be find a nice laptop that is just for you and a much better price.

Answer #3

Thanks thedude! (Y) What size do you think would be best, 13, 15, 17 in, for lugging around all day?

five555 I don’t care about price, thats no problem for my family… And theres no way I would buy a PC.

PC systems are very flawed. Mac’s have less holes and the chances of a Mac glitching or having an error are very slim, whereas with the PC it’s a common occurance.

I don’t wanna risk my laptop breaking down in the middle of a lecture or while writing a report, so theres no way I’ll be getting a PC, especially a HP since generally they’re one of the shittiest laptops out there which is why it’s so cheap.

Since both my parents REPAIR and PROGRAM computers and laptops for fairly major companies for a living, I’m gonna trust their opinion over yours on how PC’s are shit.

ALSO everyone I know who’s owned a HP, hates it cause it has so many problems. If I had to buy a non Mac it’d be Dell or Acer. But I don’t want to risk it which is why I’m getting a Mac.

That answer was just a waste of your time five555 -.-‘

Answer #4

MacBook Pro. I love this computer. the best computer I ever used. I have used every type of computer, im not a computer geek so I don’t know but with high school and college and my old computer I used different models and all. macbook pro best. tho it is alittle expensive haha its worth it I think. I spent 2300 on my macbook pro. I had more ram put in and a 250 GB hard drive cause thats big enough. just a word of advice tho, get the anti-glare screen helps out the most. also another neat feature I think all macbooks have is the keys light up its awesome haha

Answer #5

Haven’t looked, but, the higher end, the better. LED monitor = you’re better off on battery life, etc.

One thing though, get a laptop cooling fan, if you actually carry it with you and put it on your lap, as they get HOT.

:) Lol @ the PC salesperson above…look, until (and unless) the Mac operating system starts to have the same set of issues as the Windows one…well, I can’t see switching back. Yes, it does cost more, out the box, but when you compare components the cost is pretty similar…when you start to add in the software comparison, the downtime, etc, etc…it’s not comparison.

I was a happy PC user for a long time, until Vista was released…sigh. Microsoft lost all my money at that point, my wife’s money, and my kids money…none of us will buy one again until they right the ship.

Answer #6

I really have no idea what people are talking about with all these “Windows problems.” I have been running Windows XP on my PC for 5 years now and have had minimal problems, and every time I get a problem I know why. Every other time I use a Mac I get the spinny wheel of doom for no reason what so ever. Programs just stop working on me and I have to reboot.

And yes, Windows Vista isn’t as nice as XP, but it is still a good operating system. It is very secure as my laptop is a few years old now, has never been upgraded (never felt the need to, it is still running everything fine), and yet I have never once had a virus problem.

Answer #7

Haha oh the hot thing is no problem, I actually like it. xD

Wow. I was just never a happy PC user… Maybe I was when I was like 5 and didn’t know what ‘menu’ was… o.O

Your REALLY lucky then five555, or cursed depending on how you look at it =P. and LMAO ‘’spinny wheel of doom’’ that made me laugh so hard =] I have a mac computer and I’ve had 1 problem with it in this past year, and I have 2 laptops (acer, and compaq) and I get problems with those like weekly-monthly, and the wifi on the compaq is gonna be the death of me -.-‘ so when it came to getting a new one for Uni I was like MAC MAC MAC MAC MAC. xD

Then your so lucky. I had a virus problem within the first month with my acer. -.-‘ it was on XP.

Answer #8

If you’re not worried about price then you should get the 17 inch macbook pro. Then you should upgrade the following: processor to 3.06GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Memory to 8GB 1066MHz DDR3 SDRAM - 2X4GB Hard drive to 256GB solid-state drive

You should also get the protection plan added to it. Buy iWork ‘09 (the most recent iWork)

this is the best Macbook pro you could possibly get, again, assuming you don’t care about price whatsoever. This little piece of heaven will cost you $4,447 plus taxes. It’s very expensive, but you will never need another laptop…ever and it will do anything you will ever want. it is one step down from a transformer. :D

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