what kind of classes do you have in high school

What kind of classes will I have to take in high school im interested in gettin into vo-tec is there any special classes you have to take for that

Answer #1

well…………almost the same in middle school but more complacated and a lot harder but listen to your teachers very closely,and studie very hard math science history

Answer #2

I havent hit highschool yet but I’m taking all the same on-teams like math science english and social studies. then gym and health and all that. but I’m taking graphics, which is this sort of design class where you make all these really cool things like tee shirts and signs and stuff. then I’m also taking photography

Answer #3

yeah I was a straight A student all till sophomore year. it was all good till I just got sick of school and didnt care so took the wrong kind of notes, haha that means doodling!!! so just seriously listen or get notes from other people, I know you dont want to normally, but its way better causethen you wont be stuck in school longer then you want cause you did it. you will get rewarded for listening, I figured I would tell you about my experience other than classes everyone else told you that! haha (:…oh by the way, im not a burn out, I just hated school, to be honest im a preppy girl & blonde so im just like kinda stupid, ha so yahhh

Answer #4

my classes(10th)grade Algebra II English II PE Typing Speech Chemistry Geometry

Answer #5

im in yr 7 and I hve

english maths p.e history geography, maths, tec,music,rsi,french,art and morr but not all in one day we have 7 lessons a day

Answer #6

I know this is 3 years ago but I had these while in 10th grade:

English 1 PE High School Prep Algebra 1 Modern World History Life Science/Biology

Answer #7

this year I have 1 Economics 2 drawing and painting 3 AP US History 4 AP Language 5 Algebra II 6 Chemistry Honors 7 Concert/Marching Band

I’m so sad our school got rid of our French program and now only offer spanish which I refuse to take… ah well

Answer #8

No but at my school you have to be in the eleventh or 12th grade to get into that mainly because freshman and sophmore year the schedule is pretty full. My sophmore year I took AP WORLD HISTORY… PRE AP BIOLOGY…GEOMETRY… PRE AP ENGLISH… My junior year… Ap English…Pre Ap Chemistry… Algebra 2… Regular World History… make sure you take all your main classes before the 12th so it will be a breeze your last year

Answer #9

my bro gos to CEC in denver and he gets to take a class on the job he wants it depends on were you live if you live in denver you should check out CEC

Answer #10

I’m glad I don’t have to bother about this sh*t just yet. I’m 14.

Answer #11

wtf… you guys are so lucky, I wish I live in the US. I have so many classes. Last year I had: 1.Business calculations, 2.Economics, 3.Bookkeeping, 4.German, 5.Dutch, 6.English, 7.Automation(working with computers), 8.religion, 9.society rules, 10.office practice. I am now going to college (even though I’m only 15): Dutch, English, French, German, Activity-organization, entertainment, hotel & receptionist practice, leisure & hospitality, financial business & marketing.

Answer #12

my freshman year I had


  1. American Government
  2. Algebra 1
  3. P.E
  4. French
  5. Biology
  6. Creative Living/ Health
Answer #13

My junior year:

American History X American Lit Biology Integrade Math 2 Honors Interns Spanish 3

Answer #14

Drama Guitar French Math Science English Art

Answer #15



Answer #16

These are my classes for sophmore year (grade 10)

Advanced Geometry Advanced World History 2 Advanced English 2 Advanced Chemistry Health Spanish 2

You’ll just take the same classes everyone else takes. As you go through high school you can think about what you want to do afterwards and take electives that may relate to it.

Answer #17

Do you live in America?Because In English schools we dont have speech,typing ect. Im in year 11 now and we all have to do 3 lessons of maths a week, science everyday and 3 lessons of english a week.Religion is compulsory till half way through year 10 when you swap to media.Then in year 11 we do business studies instead!Quite confusing!In year 8 or nine depending on your school you choose whatever you want to study for year 9 onwards. x

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