What is your opinion about goths & the gothic subculture?

I’ve been hearing & seeing some pretty nasty rumors about goths, None have came close to being true. I find it funny that a lot of christians are against it because only 33% of all goths are of a magick practice meaning the rest being biblical(a lot being christian). A lot of people try to discriminate use but are able to tell nothing about us, rather they confuse us with the metal genre & vampyre’s(another subculture, may of been sprouted from goth, but really has nothing to do with us). I know what a goth is, I am one myself actually, but just for humor sake I want to know what you think about the gothic subculture, what a goth is, & why? Any supporting evidence. Wgat do you think we where, name a few of the fahsions we wear, how did we get the name goth, name the 5 fundamentals of the gothic subculture, tell me how we came to be & from what other subculture did we “evolve”(lack of better word at the moment) from. Ah, & here’s a question, I’ll actually post the answer to your website if you get it wrong rather than type it, who was the first(or rather one of the first) gothic bands? Marilyn mansions or the banshees? I guess this is to further my knowledge of how much the people know when the answer me. & where they more than likely get their info from(you gotta beware of those d@mn mall goths).

Note: if you have not interests in the gothic subculture don’t answer, becaouse I don’t feel like reading your comments such as “how cares” etc. If you don’t care then don’t waste time of your life posting becaouse I don’t feel like wasting time of my life reading.

Answer #1

as well as pretty muchg every other lable, goths also gets a lof of crap from people who dont understand them

  1. what I think a goth is and the subculture goths are people who dress in all black, and love music, mostly of the goth or even metal kind. I know that goths have nothing to do with some things people say they are…such as satanism, sacrifices, ect goths are people, just like everyone else, they like to hang out with people like them, shop at places that were designes for them…just like everyone else…its hard to describe…lol

2.what goths were goth origonated from punk…or punk-rock fashions mainly include black, that the only colour, as well as a bit of white also lace is popular among the girls also corsetes and things, also taking some influences from the burlesque genre goth was alos around hundreds of years ago, but not the same way as it is today goth was used to describe gothic-style buildings, furnitue and things like that

3.bands theres are so many marilyn banson, siouxsie and the banshees, the cure…ect but manson has influenced a lot of people in the recent times not only through his music but through this dress style

all up though I like them, theres nothing wrong with being goth however I dont like seeing a lot of little kids wearing black and colourful crap from hot topic calling themselves goth goth isnt just a dress style, or an attempt at one its a way of life

Answer #2

I don’t know much about this, except that is has been increasing in numbers in the last few years, and my personal opinion… is that the people adopting this lifestyle… are in truth, seeking acceptance.

Our society, has done a number on people… by labeling them.

This is terribly wrong.

We are all humans.

We all have the same blood running thru our veins.

We all hurt.

We all need love and acceptance.

We are all in this together.

I personally would like to appologize to you and anyone else that has been ostracized by society, causing you to adopt a lifestyle that you would not have sought, had you been accepted, for who you truly are.

A wonderful human being, made in Gods image.

I love you, and God loves you more.

Be blessed…

Answer #3

I agree that everyone is looking for a place or a niche to fit into in society. Sometimes these come and go in phases and other times people will find something that sticks. We all generally try to identify with some group in some way because that support helps us cope.

As for what I think, I have no problems with Goths and some of the ones I’ve known were interesting folks. I try not to judge people by their labels.

Answer #4

You don’t have to be Goth to be yourself 1 2, no body has told me what I”ve asked What is it abut, our style, etc Does any body actually read what I post?

Answer #5

^^ You don’t have to be goth to “be who you are”. I’m 100% myself and I’m proud of that - I’m not a Goth. (I’m sticking with my previous reply to this question still… just wanted to reply to the above comment.)

Answer #6

what You think about the Gothic Subculture, what a Goth is, & why

I believe that people should have the right to be who they want to be and if they want to be Gothic thats cool and they shouldn’t have to be trampled on for doing so. I think the subculture is quite unique and different from most others.

Answer #7

I am a christian and I do not hate goths!I hate nobody really I have no reason to go against them!they are human they are who they are and I respect that…I can not lie and say I like the style but I will also not lie and say I hate them!I believe everyone has a reason to be who they are and that they like who they are!this is what I believe and say

Answer #8

Ok so I honestly don’t know what being goth is all about but I do know that the style of dressing is very unique and a lot of people would call it freaky some will call it obsurd personally its just what some people choose to belive in or what some people just choose to follow and I know a couple of gothic people and they don’t seem to be any different from any one else they just dress different and have different views on some religious things but other than that they’re pretty much as normal as a “christian” lol

Answer #9

I believe if it was ‘of God’ it would be in my Bible - I can’t find it - therefore not a positive influence - if it’s there, please advises the verses, Thanks !!

Answer #10

Some of my schoolfriends in the ‘80s were Goths. In the ‘90s I had a friend living in Whitby, a place of ‘pilgrimage’ if you like, because of the Bram Stoker connections. My understanding of the Gothic subculture, therefore, is more what I have seen, and a bit about what I’ve read in the news, rather than from personal experience.

My very limited understanding is: Goths vary dramatically from those who simply like the ‘look’ and the music to those who make it a whole philosophy of life. The ‘look’ is quite creative and exciting but as much of a ‘uniform’ as any other style. The politics behind some Goth lifestyle concerns me - a Goth woman in Britian was in the news recently because her boyfriend led her around town on a dog lead. I’m not comfortable with that sort of ‘women are animals/pets/to be owned’ imagery. Some Goths absolutely refuse to smile (I know - that’s one of the ‘schoolfriend memories’). That’s not an outlook I want to get into. I don’t want life to pass me by while I scowl cynically at it. There’s too much to enjoy (as I finally decided at the age of 18, having spent a few cynical years before that).

Answer #11

goths are cool I’m a goth because when your goth you can be who you are!

Answer #12

goths are freaks big ugly dark freaks I hate gothics

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