Difference between Goth, Emo, & Metal Head. Any Questions?


I find it to be rather entertaining how people outside the Gothic subculture try to constantly examine & define us as if were some newly discovered creator. I probably find it even more humorous when ignorant people pose threatening gustiers toward us such as burning in hell, burning us on a stake, or stabbing us through the heart with a wooden steak. It appears to me that people fancy Goths to be depressed maniac psychoes whom dress in black, do drugs, slit our wrists, worship Satan, are homicidal/suicidal, &/or go around drinking blood. In truth, the only thing that even comes close to true about Gothic is wearing black, but that’s only half true.

When you hear the word Goth, you probably think "If you're a real Goth, Where were you when they sacked Rome?". The only relation the Gothic subculture has to he Gothic tribe is the name. To be honest, if the Goths had never invaded Rome the Gothic subculture might of never been called Gothic(with me so far?). You're probably thinking "How in the world does that work out?", well, I shall explain it to you:
Way back when, when the Goths sacked the Romans, The Goths attacked with such brutality maliciousness, When the siege was over people began to misuse the term Goth to insult morbid & ugly things.
In the area of Gothic Cathedrals, the word Gothic was to call them dark & morbid. Supposedly some Authors drew inspiration from & wrote about places like these, such as cemeteries, cathedrals, abandoned mansions, places that in other words could be described as Gothic & so was given the title Gothic Authors. In the time of technology, when movie theaters were invented, directors sought to portray stories from Gothic Literature on the big screen(Horror Movies). The characters were often portrayed with pallid skin, darkened eyes, & black/white hair, & usually cloaked in either black or white. in later years after the Post Punk movement a reporter "accidentally" called a Post Punk band Gothic, since they portrayed their self with white faces & darkened eyes, afterwards, due to that little mistake, the Gothic Subculture quickly began to take form: it's as simple as that.

Now that I've explained how Goths got their name & how the Subculture began, allow me to elaborate on the subculture itself & what it is.
It is a common misconception that Goths are either suicidal depressed freaks or homicidal maniacs whom go around acting like melancholy jerks, witting &/or reading depressing literature about suicide(attempts),  & are usually destructive people. I beg to differ. Goths strive to create weather it be through literate, art, photography, or varies other ways. Goths are usually well mannered polite people, for the sake of being old fashion of nothing else. I wont deny that Goths may read/ write depressing poetry, however, it is not about suicide nor homicide. If we're reading anything depressing it's more than likely about tragic romance. We are just helpless romantics after all.
Although it may be true, black is the predominant color of the Gothic subculture(white being the second), however the belief that Goths wear trip-pant, band t-shirts, clad in black, & wears more caked on make-up than a celebrity is false. To be honest that since of fashion leans more toward the metal genre. Goths enjoy having an air of elegance & mystery about them rather than looking rough & tough. There are varies types of Goths making it difficult how to "properly dress Goth" while including all the different types. For instance, Renascence Goths embellish themselves in the distant past, while Cyber Goths divulge themselves in the far off future
It is believed that Goths are Satanist & claim to be vampires. I have yet to meet a Goth who claims to be either. There is no set religion within the Gothic subculture. 33% are either occult practices, & probably only half that percent are true practitioners & are not just going through a "dark phase". As for being a vampyre(spelt with a why to deceiver the fans & subculture from real vampires), it has become it's own subculture. True it may of branched off from the Gothic Subculture, but even back in the day in the early years of the subculture a lot of people shunned them from the Gothic subculture.
The belief in Marlin Manson was the original "gothic band"(if one could even call it that), is far from the truth. believe it or not the original "gothic bands" were Post Punk bands such as Sister of Mercy, Bauhaus,& the Banchies. Although they were not originally Goth, they helped the subculture take form in 1979. As years past more genres became added to the subculture such as certain industrial music, certain metal bands, & even classical. The type of band a Goth may listen to depends on their taste, some may listen to music that aren't considered Goth at all every now & then.

As you can see, there are a lot of misconceptions about the Gothic Subculture, & there's a lot more to it than one might think. In truth I'm still learning about the vast subculture myself. 


Emo From my recourses supposedly an Emo was originally just a slang word used to describe some bands that got emotional, originally fans of Fugazi(basically Emo being short for emotional), a post punk band, in mid 1980’s. It later became a sub-genre. Most found it offensive & disliked being labeled Emo. The original Emo is what is now modern day screamo, there were 3 waves. I believe the second wave some how led to the third wave which is modern day. It was basically when new music was cropped under the labile Emo Such as Weezer & such. Origonally thick glasses & plad shirts were common in the style along with fringed bangs & hair. In modern times the fringed hair is still quite common but it now in style to wear black, tight jeans & usually a band t-shirt or some type of design. But if you look hardenough you can tell the style is still kinda related to Punk. During the third wave of Emo it became common for people to slit their selves to “fit in”. How that works out I don’t know. Note: not all Emo’s slit themselves. Emo is not a subculture, it’s still a subgenera. Rumor has it, however, that a movement is being made to make it one In my honest opinion Emo is not based on a solid foundation enough to say what exactly is & is not Emo, specially when it comes to terms of music. The basis of emo has been changed twice except for the one basic Emo is short for Emotional. But when you think of it, how can one not be emotional when it comes to their music? Look at Cradle of Filth-their Dooms Metal, 69 Eyes- Romanti Goth, Amy Lee- Plasti Goth, & a lot other musicians.

METAL HEAD From my understanding a metal head is a person who listens to metalgo figure. The most common style of metal heads is trip pants, band t-shirt(or black), chains, a painted white face & black make-up, but not every metal head paint their face, or wears black make-up. Where I’m from hardly any will actually wear make up less it’s to go to a concert. Again, black is a pre-dominant color, bit it doesn’t mean it’s the only color, for instance read is a big color in metal as well. STEROYPICALLY they’re most commonly known for Satanism, but I doubt even half of them are really Satanist. There are many types of metal music after all(including Christian Metal).

Any questions?

Answer #1

so what spelling error do to typing to fast what you’re definition if you’ld do some research you’ld see I’m correct all my elder Goths friends agree with me, all my research supports my belief of what it is.

Answer #2

an emo cuts themselves, a goth is a person who just dresses dark, and a metalhead Is a person who listens to hard metal rock.

Answer #3

underwaterophelia you ccant even spell stuff right some times people all make mistakes some bigger than others but you should not try and wrongly correct some one which you just have ok? and as the person is asking this question I totally agree I have many goth friends and they all say the same as you so rock on

Answer #4

Dude, you can’t even spell Banshees, so don’t go explaining what goth is.

Answer #5


whether theres a few grammer errors that really doesnt matter, its the information itself that matters.

Answer #6

Goth is Subculture

Answer #7

I didn’t say you weren’t correct, I said that if you cannot spell “Banshees,” you should not be doing this. Also, it’s SISTERS of Mercy, not Sister.

If you want people to take you seriously, do things seriously, don’t just rush through them.

Answer #8

The emo’s in my school are all bisexual…

Answer #9

all emos dont cut themselves

Answer #10

There are many differences,I cant tell all.

Answer #11

Hahaha goth is pu**y, emo is trend, metal rules!

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