What is your favorite past or current TV series. and why?

Just like the title says… What is your favorite TV series, current or past.. Tell us what it is and why you like it so much.. be specific.

Answer #1

I used to and still love BUFFY and ANGEL,great episodes,practically all t cast are great,loads of hot actress,s!. DEXTER,not 1 boring episode,watched 1st ep then bought every box set since.his battle with his dark passenger,and I love t character debroah fuckin morgan lol.just caught up with true BLOOD,great series. and battle star gallacticer,

Answer #2

Mad Men~ I think the cast is awesome and the writing is amazing! I love peggy!

Six Feet Under~ I wish it was still on tv. It was sooo good I loved the family dynamic and how different everyone was! Claire was my favorite!

True Blood~ Good writing, Sexy Vampires and Jason Stackhouse enough said lol!

Nurse Jackie~ She is soo freaking funny and real. She tells it like it is! I love it. . Its sucks that they fired the guy who plays Mo-Mo I thought he & Zoey were soo funny together. Peter Facinelli is soo hot as Coop too!

Dexter~ Such an awesome show it just keeps getting better! I don’ t think they’ve ever had a boring episode! I just don’t like Batista and Laguerta together and I want Deb and Joey to get together like Asap-ish! Man I still havent seen the last episode I always catch it at the end but I dont watch cause I wanna see the whole thing lol!

Curb Your Enthusiasm~ OMG is sooo hilarious! Larry David is a genius and this past season was soo freaking good!

Answer #3

guess I will answer my own question. Pretty hard to narrow it down but tops of my list is Dexter, what an amazing series.. great actors, them formulated into characters is top notch, the way the seasons and episodes have been progressing keeps you guessing and on the edge of your seat, the season finale this season leaves you hanging and asking so many questions. Californication - guess I’ve always liked David Duchovney since the x files day, what a great actor and guess I love the characters, content and plot. Nurse Jackie - From the creators of Sopranos, who doesnt like a street wise nurse and a realistic medical show, and its funny, hilarious even. Breaking the Bad - not sure why I like this one so much but I do, its believable and filled with taboo drug related content so makes it foreign and interesting. and dont laugh but I also like survivor.. nothing beats yelling at the TV for an hour, not sure if I really like it or just like yelling at the people on it, guess I find so many problems with it as it is reality tv that I love finding fault in things.. like why not have people on it that really deserve and need the money.. not just more of this pretty people syndrome that many other reality tv shows contain.. ugh. theres more I guess, like who doesn’t like family guy its a smart stab at low brow humor so hard not to like that. oh and also rescue me… cause I love Denis Leary, not necessarily into the post 911 content, but its an extremely well done series that hits home with me and deserves a mention. but im always looking for others hence the question.

Answer #4

I love Full House. Jodie Sweetin was a very good actress from the time she was like 5. I love her, Im reading her book right now because I got if for Christmas. I also like the story line…its just nice.

I like Bad girls club- its amazing, Season 2 was and always WILL be the best. Darlene rocked it with her change.

I like Tori and Dean- which ever one is coming on next I will love it because they are a great couple and she is trying to piece her family back together, and I can relate to a broken family so its nice to see a person actually fixing it.

Real world- its good, its nice to see all the different personalities possible in the world. Its nice also it see how people can be totally underestimated.

Answer #5

ummm sons of anarchy cause its interesting I guess and funny sometimes but too bad its oveer oh and cause they have some good/cute actors

Answer #6

only fools and horses…

its the best writen comedy ever!!!1

Answer #7

Seinfeld! (:

absolutely my favorite because some of the episode topics are completely random and funky!

and how could I not love george the architect?

Answer #8

“Friends” :D I love it , the re-runs are still as funny as ever

Answer #9

I’d say true blood. I’ve been watching it, and I’ve read the books wayyy before twilight and all that shit came out. Definitely a very passionate series.

Answer #10

The sopranos the show was a classic was amazing the plot always was amazing and it was just too good

Answer #11

arrested development- original and HILARIOUS (can’t wait for the movie) gilmore girls- witty and fast paced

Answer #12

yeah my girl stargirl96 gets a pwnage… Did you find this answer helpful? Yes ;)

Answer #13

I am completely in love with Lincoln Heights and One Tree Hill

Answer #14

the real world is amazing :)

Answer #15

only fools and horses I no im young to like it but everytime I watch it im lmao

Answer #16

Heaven Answers “What is your favorite past or current TV series. and why?”

Answer #17

woody wood pecker I watched it all the time because it was funny

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