What is your favourite animal?

Im really bored I want to know what everyones favorite animal is, answers anyone?
I like wolves what about you?

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I'm a 6'2" roughneck type of guy who turns into a 3 year old boy when I see kittens. KIDDENS!!!

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I love all animals but mostly Horses, Canines (dogs and wolves), big cats, and sugar gliders :D I know thats still a lot :P

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I really dont have a favorite animal. but I have a least favorite. and that would be the tiger. and for this reason

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Koalas, WHITE tigers, Dogs, Bunnies, & Otters. (:

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I love otters, they are so playful!

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snakes and cats are cool too.

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cats..tigers.. snakes

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monkeys throw poo at you but there still cool il like penguins

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penguins and moneys!

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