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What if your favourite animal and why???

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wolf just cause it's really cute and I love full moons, but I hate that they travel in packs because I like to be alone

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White Lion.. there rare beautiful majestic creatures and dangerous

What Animal makes a Fantastic Pet??

ANSWER #3 of 9

I ♥ horses. I ride them too. or a white llion. theyy rokk

Whats your Favourite TV Show?
ANSWER #4 of 9

Snow Leopard, because I like oversized cats with white fur

What animal would you be?

ANSWER #5 of 9

Mine is a Piglet because the have curly tails and they are pink even no im not a fan of pink I like the colour and piglets oink and I bet you cant make that noise!!!

What is your favourite animal?
ANSWER #6 of 9

to many to list, but I am a dog person

What makes amphibians different to any other animal??

ANSWER #7 of 9

Maybe Tigers or Zebras... I like too many animals so I really don't have a clue, haha.

Are animals ticklish?
ANSWER #8 of 9

I love white tigers, they are so beautiful and are so cute when cubs. :)

Favourite animal?

ANSWER #9 of 9

Baby elephants cause they are sooo cute!

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