What is the worst that mental health can do for eating disorders?

the school nurse said that if i don't let her weigh me or anything, then she feels like we cant make "progress" then she is going to have to transfer me to mental health, though she told me she don't want to (yh ryt) - so my question is really , what is the worst that mental health can do or would do if i dnt allow them to weigh me either?
oh yes im seein the school nurse because my friends told my teachers that i dont eat no more and now the school think im anorexic.

please let me know what it is that they do and can do to me?
thankyou x

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my parents are siding with the school though thats the problem, my mum even threatened with getting me put away in one of those homes.

thankyou for your advice deeply appreciate it
take care x

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i don't have an eating disorder i just want to lose weight!!
i dont eat anymore cos i dont think i need to people tell me im skinny but all i can see is FAT FAT FAT!!
i hate it and the mental health are not locking me up for not eating.
thankyou every1 for your advice. x

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oh my gosh! this is excatly like me. friends can be so hurtful sometimes. I hate that they told. I let the school nurse weigh me the first time and i was much heavier than now. And she said if i've lost anymore she's gona contact my parents and a doctor. I deny having an e.d. when she asks though, she is like 'well we'll just investigate that deary' the cow! does she know you have one and have you accepted that?

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The only way that you can end up in a hospital is if you ar endangering your self or some one else...then yeah it is not legal and they get the court order,,however... if you are eatting and not trying to starve your self there is nothing that they can do...you may just be really skinny..I am not to sure though please tll me is you are not eatting or if it is just that they think you are not..also to get them off your case YOU SHOULD CONSIDER EATTING MORE IN FRONT OF THEM.. hey might help...

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The Nurse is doing her JOB, which will benefit...her ? No, YOU - let her carry out here responsibilities and you live up to yours (ensuring you remain healthy) - the scale has never jumped up and attacked anyone that I've heard of - if you're in denial, please snap out of it...Good luck !!

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and to mr smedheader, what do you mean if i dnt want to be weighed its becos a personal matter and i cant believe you would say that anyway. i am not an unruley child i am human and every1 does things there not meant to thankyou very much


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Well, they'll start with getting a court order from your parents to lock you into a hospital bed & feed you with an IV.

Your parents, if they fear for your health, will allow it, and then you'll end up in a hospital against your will with an IV sticking out, feeding you medication to help with your issue as well as to keep you alive.

Alternatively, you could let them weigh you, and help figure out if you have a serious illness that needs to be addressed.

I really hope you do the right thing, your parents, friends, and personally, I'd be crushed if you hurt yourself.

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A school cannot do anything to you without you concent..
If it becomes a real major problem, get your parents in on it.
Schools can get in trouble for forcing you to do stuff like that..

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anorexia is not measured by how low your weight is. you can be seriously ill and be at a 'healthy' weight. I was in hospital after I dropped to under five stone and when I got discharged I was 8 stone. I didn't want to loose weight at all - it was my way of coping with difficulties in life (making a set of rules around me - exercise routines, rules about eating etc, to feel safe and as long as I did those I felt as thought everything in my life would be allright - it's almost like a cage you build around yourself to protect yourself from getting hurt, but you don't realise it also shields you from happiness in life), but I still continued with my exercise routines and obsessive habits, but I have learned how to 'maintain my weight'. Saddly, the exercise has got out of hand again. I exercise for 5 hours a day and walk almost every day. The fact that I am able to increase my food uptake to allow my body to be able to cope with such a gruelling regime and not loose weight, it doesn't stop the fact that I have NO life, no friends and my life is controlled by my 'eating disorder' (which it still apparently is). My whole point is that it angers me how misunderstood anorexia is and that in fact it has little to do with weight and food.

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