What is the bump on my vagina that appeard after masturbation?

I have just masturbated I think sunday and I also got my clit wet with saliva. I just now recently noticed that I have a big bump on my vagina. I tried to pop it to see if it was a pimple but blood just came out the side. I do NOT want to talk to my mom or the doctor. Please help me.

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umm, I don't know what that is. maybe it is a cyct. but I was told when I was younger to never pop anything down there. If I were you I would probably go see the doctor if it doesn't go away in a few days, just to be safe. It probably isn't anything to worry about.

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here's some information I typed out from a book I got from my last exaChlamydia, how can you tell if you have it: Female: a change or an increase in discharge from your vagina. A little bit of bleeding even when its not time for your period. Bleeding during or after you have vaginal sex. pain in your lower abdomen. pain when you urinate (pee). Gonorrhea:female: A change or an increase in discharge from your vagina. A little bit of bleeding when its not time for your peiod. Bleeding during or after you have vaginal sex. Pain in your lower abdmen. Pain when you urinate (pee). Trichomonas :female: strage discharge from your vagin. an ichy vagina. pain during vaginal sex. burning whe you urinate (pee). LGV :female: a painless sore or lump may appear where the bacteria had entered the body. The sore or lump can be painless and often is inside you. It will clear up without treatment. You may not notice you have it. In the secound stage you may develop the flu like symtoms. your lymph nodes may become swollen and there may be discharge from the genital and or anal area if left untreated LGV can cause genital and or anal scarring that may need surgery in rare cases it can even cause death. Syphilis:female : in most cases the first symptoms is a sore that doesn't hurt. It is called a chancre. You may not notice this sore , the sore goes away even if it is not treated but you still have the infection Later you may get a body rash and feel like you have the flu these symptoms will also go away even if they are not treated. If you dont treat syphilis you may get very sick untreated syphilis can lead to damage of the heart the brain and other organs of the body and may even cause death . HPV:female: you can pass on the virus without even knowing you have it. If you find warts on your genitals. they may look like bumps that can be cauliflower like. Some warts are very hard to see. A nurse or doctor can do a exam to find them.
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1) She probably already knows that you do that anyways- if you've been doing it every night, she's probably heard SOMETHING. She's human, you're human, she's going to assume anyways.

2) No it's not bad that you do that. It's normal and healthy. Although- the saliva thing isn't the most sanitary practice- there is a reason girls who regularly receive oral sex have more UTIs and yeast infections- the mouth is full of bacteria and sugars from the food you eat. Buy a lube- they sell them next to the condoms which are usually next to or across from the pads and tampons.

3) Tell your mom that you need to go to the doctor. If she asks why (she will) tell her that you have a cyst and you need to go get it looked at. (You do- they almost always need antibiotics to take care of them) If she asks you how you found it, you can tell her you found it putting in a tampon or you noticed it hurt when you were wiping after going to the bathroom. She doesn't need to know the details. :)

Feel better!

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how big is it? you know women get bumps and lumps/spots down there randomly a lot of the time and its nothin to worry about. if I was you id just wait a few days and it should disappear. unless its really big I wouldnt worry about it. oh and no its not a bad thing. nearly every1 does it x

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Well yeah I know what you mean..But I am just so afraid of what my mom would say if I masturbate and play with my clit...I mean is it a bad thing that I do that?

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Girls can get a kind of 'erection' after masterbating near the clitoris.

It's never usually a good idea to 'pop' things anyway spot or not, it just spreads the infection.

I'm thinking go to the doctor, don't even have to go to your own. Or depending where you're from in UK we have connexions, who you can talk to about that kinda thing...

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Well imma a guy, but my mom caught me masturbating, I was really embarrassed but all she did was talk to me about it.
She says there is nothing wrong with masturbating, she only said go to her before I have real sex.

No only that but of all the times she could catch me with my d*ck in my hand I had just c*mmed

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