What is the best drugstore boxed haircolor ?

right now my hair is light brown with blonde highlights, and some red on the bottom, but im sick of having a milllion colors in my hair so I want to dye my hair like a medium brown. what brand do you recommend?

Answer #1

Nice And Easy Or Netrogena They Leave Your Hair Dead Shinny Ans Silky And The Permenant Colour DontRun And They Are Eay To Put In! <3

Answer #2

I have tried all of them, but the best one I have used is Revlon Colorsilk. I use the light ash brown. Since I have dark brown hair it only turns my hair a medium brown. There is no harsh smells, there is no ammonia, and it lasts longer than the other ones I have tried. My hair is in better condition after I color my hair. I think since there is no ammonia it doesn’t damage your hair like the other hair colors. The ash browns are good if you have red under tones in your hair.

Answer #3

thanks ishamroukh I got revlon colorsilk today .. haha its on my head now actually (:

Answer #4

Box color can be unpredictable and quite damaging. You are best off going into a salon and having it professionally done. If it turns out bad it may end up costing a lot more to fix it then it would have if you went in to begin with.

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