What is the best bicycle for street riding?

What is the best bicycle for street riding? I have a mountain bike and it is so big and clunky that I want to get a street bike. Who makes the best brands?

Answer #1

Giant Bicycle Inc has TCR2, that is an amazing bike, a little Pricy, but u don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for it……….good bike, very solid and i rode my uncle’s in a race so its pretty sweet actually, good handling and maneuvaribility, as good for daily purposes as it is for Racing……….I can’t afford one but my uncle’s got one, and hey i rode it in a race and honestly was pretty comfortable, if you’re looking for a good street bike, this is best bang for your buck ~$1400, anything more and you’re hooked to street bike racing and`then the fanaticism begins, with ppl paying up till $5000 per custom bike……….. there’s lots of good brands out there, if you’re into racing, you’ll prolly find a lot more brand outside the continental US………I’d recommend Panda also, the company is rock solid, but u’ll have to go to an all Bikes shop to see if they have Panda brand…….. hope this helps…………PeAz

Answer #2

Like master_of_disaster said, there are lots of good bikes out there. Your best bet is to test ride every bike you can find in your price range. If you learn that one bike shop in your area is particularily good than try to find a bike there you like. A cheesy bike shop might sell you the wrong size of bike, not adjust your bike properly, or might give you bad advice. If a bike at a better bike shop is a little more expensive than at a cheesy shop than the bike at the better shop will be a better deal since it will come with better service.

Answer #3

i think the best brand is a “RHINO” you can mostly find them at toysrus

Answer #4

I have a redline street series it works good for me i’m learning to do tricks

Answer #5

Schwinn. Get a mountain bike street bike hybrid like all aluminum with front shocks medium tred tires and disc brakes. They are amazing for street and if you happen to go on a trail it does great. Also get a nice fat squishy seat.

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