What is something terrible that's happend to you?

If it’s something you don’t really want to get into then it wont help me. I need lots of information.

I need something to write a poem about, but it has to be sad otherwise I can’t write. I know that’s so strange, but it’s true. Or you can just list ideas for me of horrible things I could write about. If you give me an idea that I end up writing about I’ll let you read the finished product!


Answer #1

A falling out with my father about 4 years ago.

A few years after he married my step mother, he slowly cut his family out of his life, one by one, until it was just my brother and I left. After not talking for a year, I decided to call him on Father’s Day to try and talk things out, but he didn’t answer, so I left a message. He ended up calling me back when I was unavailable and left a message saying that maybe we could work things out. When he went to hang up though, the phone never actually ended the call and for the next few minutes, I heard a conversation between him and my step mother saying the most vile and awful things about me and my brother. Things that a loving father should never say or think about his own children.

It was like time slowed down when I was listening to that message, I was in such disbelief. I couldn’t believe how much he had changed over the years. I guess it was so gradual, I never really took notice.

I called him back and told him the next time he leaves a message, to make sure he actually hangs up the phone when he’s done.

And that was the last time I ever heard from him.

Answer #2

On Jan 24 of this year, I woke up to a banging at my door. A woman was there shouting ‘’He’s dead!’’ I look out the door and see a stabbed may lying in my front yard. I go in, call 911, come out and she asks if I know who it is. I say no. While I’m on the phone, I approached the body. I said, ‘’Holy sh*t, it’s Mike’’…my next door neighbor. I id-ed him, and I had to be the one to tell his fiance that her future husband was dead in the lawn. I knocked on her door, she slammed it in my face, and I shouted, ‘’Morgan, it’s mike. He’s dead.’’ She said ‘’What?’’ came out and saw the love of her life lifeless on the ground. I held her while she cried. It turned out to be suicide, his body conveniently landing outside my door It’s the most horrific thing I’ve ever been through - seeing a dead man there, 25 years old…so much to offer the world. His body and that moment haunt me to this day.

RIP Mike.

Answer #3

last year my best guy friend died and I think I keep see his shawdow and hearing his laugh when im in gym at school

Answer #4

-abuse -self mutilation -rape -abandonment -depression -suicide -starvation

(not things that happened to me, just listing)

Answer #5

was on clomid, had a wet dream, BIG mess.. the end

Answer #6

i was out in the afternoon at school playing football (soccerr) on the back pitch at my school.. me and my 2 best friends and about 5 girls where there. and this guy, kicked my friend, and it sounded really sore. a guy should never lay hands on a girl, so i deicided to teech him a lesson. i went down for a slide tackle and take him down, but insted he saw me and kicked me in the face and kicked the cr*ap outda me. i literally thought i was dead. all i saw was blood and all i could here was a friend shouting and screaming for help. then i blacked out a lil. and to this day i have a sticking out rib and memory problems and indents on my head. tada.

Answer #7

my dad died on our family vacation

Answer #8

Not enough information. :(

Answer #9

he was hit on his motorcycle by a 16 year old in a truck.

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