What? Is It Hard To Skateboard?

I Wanna Get A Skateboard For Christmas, But Is It Hard To Learn? I Know Practice Makes Almost Perfect! Buut How Should I Start Out.. Hills. Uhm Driveways.. )

Answer #1

get a skatboard and get on a flat surface with no bumps or crakes and push with your foot and stand in the middle of the skatboard or at the back of it and it is not hard to learn if you do that and you can balence then you can skatboard I got my first skatboard when I was about 4 or 5 and learned how to ride between 1 2 and 3 months how to ride it whith no help and im 11 and till riding a skateboard and teaching little kids how to skateboard


Answer #2

its pretty hard at first and a lot of people loose intrest because it takes a while to learn how to balance, ride, turn, and do tricks but the more you practice the better you get start out on flat ground, a driveway or sidewalk will be good as will empty basketball courts and paking lots practice riding around for a while, figuring out which stance you are (which food feels comfortable on the front and back) and then practice small turns or leaning from side to side to help get more balance after you think you can ride pretty good and you know how to turn, then you can try going down small hills

Answer #3

lol I tried its not hard but,keep your balace

Answer #4

start street it is much easier than vert and you are less likey to break something

Answer #5

flat smooth ground with no traffic.

Answer #6

its possible for everyone to learn no do the tricks is harder. Start on the street when there’s no any car around. first you got to find out which stance are you and you skate mono or not. then start slow, push it a little bit and try to get your other foot on the boar little by little then you’ll start go faster, learn how to turn right and left. then when you COMPLETELY control your skateboard the start trying the ollie. DONT TRY TO DO ANY OTHER TRICK BEFORE THE OLLIE is the easiest one and the basic one…to do other tricks you need to know the ollie first

Answer #7

i went street to vert ver i fell a lot and it hurt from bruises to cuts but then i got the hang of it

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