What are advantages and disadvantages of vitamin pills for me ?

Hi am 20 male I wake every morning I can hardly take breakfast I sleep 6 hrs each day My school is like 12 hrs so I go home late And I started gym now

Should I take vitamins pills Vit a : for skin Zinc Vit e

Or dis this stuff would have another effect on my body ?

Answer #1

The risk is minimal but so is the benefit because synthetic pills don’t contain everything you need. A multivitamin a day won’t hurt, but food sources are better. Specifically for what you asked for try this each day: 1-2 tsp. cod liver oil (vitamin A and more), 1/4-1/2 cup pumpkin seeds (zinc and way more), 1-2 tbsp. sunflower seeds (vitamin E and more). Get sprouted seeds, roasted seeds or some beano or eventually all those seeds will give you digestive problems and farts. That’ll provide the 3 things you want and dozens of other things you wouldn’t get from pills containing just those 3 or even from a multivitamin containing only a few things. If you’re having trouble digesting your meals try some Beano pills and make sure you eat enough salt each day.

Answer #2

I suggest to rather than to take the time to swallow a bunch of pills on a permanent basis rather eat a healthy breakfast (I get about 5 and a half hours of sleep and get in exercise and breakfast, so you shouldn’t use that as an excuse).

Pills probably won’t do any damage(if you stick to the recommended daily intake), however it is no use drinking vitamin supplement when you aren’t eating healthy. They are supposed to be taken together with eating a healthy diet. Also food that contain vitamin e and zinc (such as nuts and green leafy vegetables) absorb a lot better into your body than any vitamin will do.

That being said, a good multivitamin will benefit you a lot better than all these pills swallowed separately.

So I suppose my point is: There is nothing as good as good nutrition.

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