What is a way to or is there a way to get a smellof pee

Is there a way and whar is the way to get the smell from a 14 year old wetting the bed out of clothes and the matress?

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If you can clean the mattress, by using hot water,

with some baking soda in it,
probably 1/2 cup per gallon of water

(or) some bleach - 1/4 cup of bleach per gallon of water

do not mix, use only one ingredient at a time.

then take a washcloth or scub brush, and dip it in the solution, then onto the mattress, repeatedly, scrubbing as you go. Do not soak the mattress, just keep dipping your brush or cloth into the solution, and scrubbing.

after you cover the area that is affected, leave it open to dry, this may take a good while, according to how wet you got it.

If you try to sleep on it, and it is still wet, cover it with plastic, then your sheets & bedcovers, until morning then uncover again, so it can be exposed to the air during the day, if you have a fan, you can turn on, and blow it toward the wet area, it will help to speed the drying process...

this may have to be repeated several times, to get most of the urine out.

another thing that might help is to spray some shout on it, and let it soak, for 30 min or so, then take hot water, and scrub, dipping your cloth or brush into the water, often, they drying.

once you get the mattress clean, and aired out, good, and very dry, you can then cover it with a plastic mattress cover, and it will stay clean, it is much easier to wash sheets, than it is to wash the mattress. but, make sure the matteress is completly dry, keep it uncovered until you are sure.

have you tried googling for other solutions ?

Be assured that you are not the only one with this problem, nor is it anything to be ashamed of, it just has to be dealt with, until the condition improves.

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Febreeze helps on the mattress, but if it's a lot of urine then then it won't remove it all.

I had my child's friend stay with us a little while and she was a bedwetter - I found the only thing that really worked was the heavy duty Arm & Hammer cat urine deodorizer spray. You might want to cover the mattress with plastic sheets after that.

As for the clothing, just a tumble in the washing machine should do the trick.

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