What is a good valentines gift for a 13 year old boy?

I am 13, And I am inlove with my boyfriend and I know all off his interests and hobbies, But the only thing I don't know is what to get him for valentines day. Could you help me??

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give him food:) like cookies or something. guys love food. my boyfriend freaked out when I made him a cake with a huge heart on it. (we ate the whole thing that night) LOL

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I'd give my boyfriend a teddy bear with like a heart shaped lollipop! ^_^
A bit childish, yeah. But cute, dontcha think? x]
Or maybe a cellphone charm thingy with yall's names on it---one for you, and one for him.
Hold his hand extra lots, and give him some hugs. ^_^

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Stuffed animals are over rated there so embarrassing just be with him im sure he will like that and a perfect gift would be a dog chain get a pic of you and the boy and put it on there and if you want you can put urs and his name on it. thats what I did when I was your age and the boy loved it .
goodluck. <3

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For guys, gifts are over rated. Make a good memory with him. Take him somewere he really likes and make sure you hold his hand and smile a lot. You could get him candy as a bonus, but DO NOT give him a stuffed animal!

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I would get him a stuffed animal or something that means a lot to you too.Or candy or get a picture together on valentines day :)

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