What is a felt board story that i can do for a preschool class??

I need something. that kids can. take part in. I need to tell a. story and use the. felt board. and a the end. we need an. activity to do. with it.

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sounds fun. how about you make the story up as you go with the kids. that way you can involve the kids a lot more.

Tell the kids that today the class will be creating a great story, and that you will need class participation to create the best story...

kind of like improv. you can be the main character to control where the story is going and once in a while you can have a kid speak for a 'character' in this great story.

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When I used to teach, I did The Very Hungry Caterpillar. The kids loved it and afterwards we acted out the story using fruits and vegetables...the children got the opportunity to try foods they haven't tried before while learning good eating habits. The more exotic, or exotic looking, the fruit or vegetable the better; the appearance of the item sparks their interests even more than the taste sometimes.

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