What house hold items can i use to masturbate?

What house hold items can a boy use to masturbate or do any girls around Elwood Nebraska like to have sex

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Ok, I would just like to say that you have to be careful with the vacuum because sometimes the suction can be too hard. Oh, and the plunger sounds really unsanitary, also unhelpful for a guy unless hes looking for anal stimulation

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Uhm well I use the toilet plunger yesterday! It was great!

house hold items I can masterbate with
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American pie says peanut butter sandwhich but I say a vaccum the vac feels hella good

Household items for masturbating
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I'm 14. my cousin said she uses combs, toilet plungers, veggies, etc. what do I do? I get out of the shower, lay down on the floor ( naked) and grab my comb and gently insert it in my vagina and and rub my clit. It gives my a great feeling and if u don't like the pain use smaller objects. Like sharpies. I love the pain so I use cucumbers and stuff.

Household items girls can use to masturbate with?

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