Things to use around the house for masturbation?

what are sum real gud things 2 use around da house for masterbation...please be specific...I mean I no a tooth brush...I don't have a vibrator...because I don't want ma mama 2 no...n of course I no mii fingers

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Use something clean or else you might get some sort of infection. lol, I wouldn't suggest a cucumber or a phone unless you want to be super loose.

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I know what your going through... you can use something like a cucumber and a phone has a vibrator on it. dont use anything pointy and clean everything before you use it an you can use a shower head... use your imagination and have fun hope I helped ~kaitlyn~

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end of a hairbrush, the part you hold. lol

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you could use certain fruits...cucumber..banana..etc. but always make sure you put a CONDOM on it . it might sound silly but you could get an infection !! Good Luck ;]

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You could call a spelling tutor to help you out... ;)

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Shower head?

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Ok, well I would suggest that you use something clean, and something you cannot get infected with, I would suggesting not using house hold items, because most likely they are not clean, so I would suggest ordering something offline, or going to your local sex shoppe. anyways... you can try ordering discretly from this website here if you ever decide to..

good luck.

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