How to care for two possibly pregnant rabbits?

Two days ago I decided to get a rabbit that would live in the house, I went to look at some from a breeder who had four females that were around 10months old. I desided to take two of them and got them home and settled in their cages however the next day, the breeder text me and told me that one of the rabbits in the hutch had turned out to be a male, they were together for about two weeks so will prob be pregnant, how ever I have never had female rabbits befor only males, so am unsure what todo, the one has started to hide and growl whenever I go near her, so although I continue to clean and pet her I no longer handle either of them, is there any thing else I can do? I now it is normally around 35 days untill they will give birth but what happens then? Any advice would be helpful also please dont go on about spaying as this was always my intention to get them done I I will still be doing so. Thanks

Answer #1

Hi. I raise rabbits for a hobby. Keep in mind that time has already gone by…you need to count the days that the does were with the buck. Does will typically have babies on the 32nd day or soon after, but a good rule is to give her a nest box on day 28 so that she can make a nest if she wants to. You’ll also get a chance to see if the doe is going to make a mess in the nest box before she has babies, so you’ll know if you will need to clean the nest box more often if she is a messy mother. If she keeps it clean you will not have to worry about cleaning the nest box until the babies are hopping around. She also will need this extra 3 to 4 days to become familiar with the nest box before she feels comfortable having babies in it, or at least it is a good idea to let her feel comfortable with it. Does can typically get pregnant around 5 to 6 months old, but it is not advised to do this at such a young age. 10 months is a safe age for the does to have babies so hopefully there will be no complications (complications are rare) with rabbits when it comes to birthing. You will need to put something in the nest box for the doe to make her nest with…white shavings, straw, etc. I like the white shavings best but hay will work…keep in mind she may eat all of the hay though, so shavings work good. Also keep in mind how long the does were in with the buck to calculate how long these does could’ve been able to get pregnant…it may be longer than you think if she was in with him for several days or weeks…for example she may have gotten pregnant on the 15th day after being with this buck so you’ll need to keep the nest box with her for a longer period of time just in case she became pregnant at a later date of being with him. Make sure the nest box is boxed in on all sides so the babies don’t fall out… These are bigger breed rabbits like the ones I breed, so you will need a nest box with adequate size for the doe. I believe my nestboxes are 10X17 inches and made of plywood. If you need ideas for nestboxes you can check out a web site called Hope this helps.

Answer #2

^ Editor the breeder was not irriasponsible selling her pregnent rabbits as she said above, he found out one of the rabbits was a buck. It’s comman to mix up genders when they are young. It happens anyways It is most likely that these females are pregnent even at such a young age. It is best to seperate the does into two sperate cages , if you leave the two together they will kill each others kits. Second, they do growl when you pet them when they are showing signs of pregnency, so be gental with them and understand that they are only protecting their babies. Next you should but a nesting box in each of the cages, the night they are ready to give birth, they will pull out massive chunks of hair from their bellys, so the mothers may have a few bald spots but no need to worry.

Second, make sure their nest box is dark, the kits are extremly sensitive to light so its best the box is a full box with a hole big enough for the mother to pass through.

Make sure the box is made out of acual wood, not cardboard.

and it should have a base with four sides about 2 inches high so the babies cannot fall out.

If you never see the mother in the nesting box with her babies all day, do not worry, mother rabbits only feed their kits once a day, usually during the night.

Oh, also make sure the mother has lots of accses to food and water, she now doesn’t have to feed just her, but 2-8 new hungrey babies.

Hope I’ve’e helped :) If you have anymore questions, feel free to inbox me :)

Answer #3

well let me tell you something..I had rabbits before..and the females kept on breeding…more than 5 rabbits everywhere..the first time my rabbit gave and my mum had no idea how to handle it…but now we do…first of all if its really pregnent cautious…when it comes towards the day when its suppose to give birth…be alert..because baby rabbits and very weak.. and if lets say your rabbit really does give birth…you have to separate the babies from the mother because the mother would probably trample on them just like how my rabbit did to her babies =/ so you have to keep them in..well a…etc..put lots of cloths and keep them in a warm area…not too hot though!…keep them nice and warm :) …ok next..the method of feeding…you can feed them around 4 times a day..thats fine…and how? first put a cloth on your lap…and turn the mother rabbit upside down on its back…hold the head firmly and make sure shes not too unconfortable..hold the legs too…she might kick…hold the 2 front legs too just incase..and after that..put the baby rabbits on her tummy and they will start to suck on their own…its best to get someone to help you when feeding :) becareful as the babies might fall of and on to the floor =/ careful :)..well hopefully all will be healthy and live..because like I said baby rabbits are weak and die easily =/…so you must be gentle…when my rabbits gave birth…usually a few will die…because one day they would just stop drinking milk…and refuse to eat..then slowly it gets weaker and dies =/…it happens.. but yea I know quite a lot in that category so you can ask me anytime :) if possible tell me how it goes when your rabbit gives birth…good luck :)

Answer #4

At about 2 1/2 - 3 weeks a does food intake should be upped 25%

I raise Mini Rex rabbits and I know many breeders with Mini Rex. They ALWAYS leave the kits with the dam - that’s the best way to go. If she’s a first time mother, simply keep an eye on her.

A female rabbit is sexually mature at 6 months old and it’s not odd to see a 7 month old pregnant. By ten months, though, a rabbit breeder should know what a buck and doe are. If they don’t know, they don’t have very much experience.

Me - I check my rabbits everyday at least twice a day and I feed them, as well. Let the kits stay with mom. If it’s cold, though, you can bring them in the house and bring the babies out to the dam’s cage to feed. To me, it does sound like your girl is pregnant - my first time doe does the same thing, she gets anxious when I flip her over or get her out of her cage. Just handle her gently and talk to her to keep her calm.

If both does are pregnant, it’s best to separate them. A nestbox doesn’t have to be wooden - it can be cardboard and you can even use a plastic tub (a hard plastic tub). I know many a breeders that use those and they do really well with them.

Just know that you will need to handle the kits from an early age to be able to keep them friendly - some does do get antsy when you get in their nestbox, just be patient with her and she’ll warm to you. It helps if you handle the doe while she’s pregnant, too. :)

Hope I helped! OH! And when she does kindle (give birth) make sure, as was said, that you keep food and water readily available and if you can, when the babies get to weaning age (between 4 - 8 weeks depending on breed) make sure you keep hay around so the kits don’t get enteritis.

Answer #5

So, let me get this straight, Is she pregnant or not? Im going to tell you how to form a bond with both of them without him being aggressive over her. (Sorry for not answering your questions though, I just thought why not just help you strengthn your relationship and bonds between each rabbit)

Ok. First put the cages in a room that the Rabbits can’t get out of. Like for example, Shut a door so they can’t get out…Or put up a baby gate so they can’t leave that specific room. Anyway, Go to the store and buy two collars and two leashes. Are they in the same cage? If they are that would be ok, If they aren’t then that’s ok too. If they AREN’T in the same cage then open both of the cage doors and get the female rabbit out and put a collar and leash on her. If they ARE in the same cage then open the door and make the female rabbit come out (by perhaps getting a carrot and holding it in front of her face until she comes out) Then put the leash and collar on her… Then the male will want to be with her and come out of the cage as well. Give the female a carrot once you get her out of the cage. Wait a while until the male does come out, and put a carrot near his mouth for him to eat, BUT don’t let him eat it yet. Hold it in front of his face and while your doing so try and get the collar and leash on him. This may take a couple of trys. Once you do so, Give him some carrots. Keep them both on the leash and hold the leash, so there close to you. Once they got familiar and use to you then take off the female’s leash and collar and put her back in the cage. Then keep the male out and AWAY from her cage. Just keep him next to you and give him some more carrots for when he’s calm without her being there. Try and pet him and get him use to you. Then put him in his cage, and do the same with the female so you guys will have a bond. Hope I helped you! -Dogluver.

Answer #6

Sadnessm your advice is rubbish I dont know who told you that but their wrong the litter NEED to be with their mother if she does kill the babies its because shes not ready to be a mum.

Its very difficult to hand rear baby rabbits they stand a better chance with mum make sure the does are separate in a calm quite room with nesting materials the gestation period is 30 - 33 days when she does give birth its best leave alone if she doesn’t trust you if she does then rub your hands in the her poo corner (not nice I know!) take out any dead babies if they have nice plump round bellies it means they’ve been fed the doe will usually only feed when your not around.

Answer #7

to the advice from rabbits have bred many many times..leaving the babies with the mother is a NO NO …they sometimes step on the babies @.@

Answer #8

First off, that breeder is seriously irresponsible to sell you not one, but TWO pregnant rabbits.. What kind of breeder can’t tell the sex of the rabbits to keep them separated correctly? I would ask him to help with the costs of the litters.

Secondly, some animal shelters and clinics, especially branches of he ASPCA, will spay rabbits even if they are pregnant…this can help stop the overpopulation problem (doesn’t stop with just dogs and cats). I know you say it was your intent to spay, but pregnancy doesn’t mean you can’t do it! It’s still an option.

If you decide you want to keep the pregnant rabbit, there’s advice already on the site that may help: (I gave a good link/resource on that one)

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