What has four legs but only walks on two?

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Animals like dog, elephant etc. in a Circus(you can't say its wrong)

also a kid riding piggy back on someone...

A Kangaroo with a little Joey(kangaroo baby in pouch)..

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Oh I love riddles. I think the riddle is supposed to be what has six legs and walks four. This one I know...................... " A man on Horseback "

I will post some that I know. Great idea.

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Here's a riddle for you...

What has4 legs in the morning - 2 legs in the afternoon - and 3 legs at night?

Try that one! :)

ANSWER #4 of 9

4 legs = a baby crawling
2 legs = when yur older
3 legs when yur old with a cane

ANSWER #5 of 9

a horse and his driver

ANSWER #6 of 9

a man

ANSWER #7 of 9

a spider pig

spider pig spider pig does what ever a spider pig does if he swings from a web no one knows cus hes dead

ANSWER #8 of 9

a kangaroo!

ANSWER #9 of 9

i didnt know that you can go from a baby to and old person in just a day.

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