What happens when you don't eat at all?


Answer #1

Sounds kool, I’ma do it [I only eat a handful of corn flakes a day anywayz]

Answer #2

u collapce just put it this way I;m like that now it happened 2 me2dya and my sugar is low xxx

Answer #3

of course you will lose weight…then you die.

Answer #4

This is puting it in simple terms. If you stop eating your body willeat away all your body fat and then it will slowly eat away at every thing else. I dont know about you but that sounds horibale to me.

Answer #5

its called being anoresic, you die

Answer #6

When you don’t eat anything it is called a fast. In fact, the name of our morning meal breakfast comes from “break fast.” This is the meal that breaks the fast you started before going to bed.

People fast for various reasons. Some people fast for their religion, some to loose weight, some fast because they think it is healthy. Some doctors have reported success using fasts to treat high blood pressure.

Healthy people can usually survive a fast with no harm though it can be dangerous for people with certain diseases or medical conditions.

It is true that when you fast that your metabolism slows down. This is its natural response. Your body doesn’t know you are intentionally fasting; it assumes that food is scarce so it tries to survive on your reserves as long as it can. You will also loose a great deal of water weight as you burn muscle glycogen since glycogen binds with water. I find that even after I gain back the water weight I loose about 1 lb./day on a fast. I’ve never fasted over 7 days though some people go much longer. You should have a thorough physical before fasting and if possible fast under medical supervision.

I don’t believe that fasting is unnatural. Throughout human history it was rare that we had 3 square meals a day; we ate when there was food and we survived when there wasn’t. Our bodies have mechanisms to help us survive when food is scarce so it must have evolved for a reason. Fasting is stressful of the body so it shouldn’t be entered lightly though.

Answer #7

u will lose weight but not for a couple weeks of doing it because your body goes into that stage of shock..but its terribly unhealthy and unsafe…trust me, I should know. and when you do, your body gets so sick and theres a big chance of passing out..then your body will slowly shut down if you dont treat it in time. there are soo many better ways of losing weight if thats really what you want.

Answer #8

You’ll give up DIE.

Answer #9

Yes, you will lose weight. but if you dont eat for a long period of time then you eat your stomach gets smaller so you eat less and not as hungry.. but in the end all that food that you eat after not eating for a long period of time you will gain weight..

I have starved my self many times before I lost 40 pounds over the summer..im 14 and my mom got woried and put me in consuling. I wouldnt listen my mom when she told me it would happen so we talked to a whole bunch of docters and they said its true.. so I eat normal.. but I skiped a couple meals today. Please dont starve your self its not worth it.. go running..take a walk go swiming eat health that is wayyy beter than straving your self.. (: Jessie nicole!

Answer #10

Ya. I concer with econsult1, fasting could be ok I guess as long as it is supervised. I’ve fasted before as a religious purpose for 40 days and 40 nights…it didn’t turn out so well, but every one is different. In my opinion though, I do not think fasting should be used as a weight lose objective, it remindes me of my anorexic days.

Answer #11

I used to be anorexic and I used to not eat for weeks. well, maybe not weeks, but days. I lost weight, but then when my parents made me eat a lot more, I gained 10 pounds in one week. so, my advice is to eat healthy and excersize because when you dont eat, your body starts to get used to it and when you start eating again, you will weigh more than you started out being

Answer #12

Hmm according to my experience: -you’ll get the gastric ulcer. It always happens to me everytime I eat late and it hurts and it makes you lose your appetite. However the more you don’t take foods, the worse the pain is. -you will pass out. Simply because your low blood sugar level. According to my study: -your body will starve of protein and you can have Kwashiorkor disease…if you have ever seen the picture of skinny child with massive bulging stomach.

So if you wanna lose some weight, do it in healthy way, please. Don’t eat until you feel full, do exercise, eat lots of fruits and veggies, keep yourself busy!

Answer #13

Yes your metabolism will slow down. But it will eat the fat already stored on your body. You wont die unless you are really un healthy, or don’t eat for a very long time. If you don’t eat or drink that is not healthy. Try drinking pleanty of water and eating only protein. Also make sure you take the appropriate amount of vitamins to keep your energy level up.Especially vitamin C and B for evergy. And work out everyday. Even if it is just walking for a half hour. You burn a lot of calories by just walking.

Answer #14

you will not loose weight because the first bite of food you take gets stored as fat in your body and when you start to eat you will OD and gain every lb plus more back after not eating for a period of time all your food and drinks and nutrients will all be stored as fat

Answer #15

You will lose weight but that is very unhealthy.when you dont eat you are considered anerexic which is very dangerous

Answer #16

When you do not eat, your metabolism gets slower meaning that it holds onto every single fat cell in your body (starvation shock mode). You will not lose weight by doing this unless you do this for more than a week. BAD IDEA THOUGH! It is unatural for your body to go into starvation mode. If you really want to lose weight, work out, eat smaller porportions, and eat healthy. If you eat smaller porportions it will help you lose weight more effectively without the shock.

Answer #17

duh you die. (laughing) bet you woun’t try that again

Answer #18

Haha you will die xx(

Answer #19

you wont lose weight for the first few days due to the food it has stored but once its gone and your still continuing you will begin to see drastic changes because your body will begin eating its ownself to try to survive, and as soon as its done with that be asured that you will be heading to the emergency room or maybe you wont even be that lucky and directly to the grave would be your next destination!!! dont do it even if you think you will be able to control it after you reach a certain weight, its major damage your causing to yourself…either way once you supposedly finish at the weight youve wished for and begin to eat you might even double upp!!

Answer #20

I’ve been fasting for 4 weeks today… I’m 21 and had a baby and was sick of being fat so on feb. 20 2010 I said that I was going to stop eating till I reached my goal of 130pounds. I started at 206.4 and I now weigh 179…YOU WILL NOT DIE… I have 60 days approx to go and I’m so excited…I haven’t turned back… so the key to fasting is mind over matter… the food will be there when you are done…for now im drinking 3-4 cups of juice and lots of water…do that and you will be on your way… :) morey

Answer #21

Everyone keeps saying you will loose fat, then muscle and everything else. That is simply not true. Your brain needs glucose to work, not fat or any other source of energy. The way your body will first get this glucose is by using up all the glycogen and protein, which is in your muscle. This is simply because it is the easiest to access. So basically you will loose almost all your muscle (due to the fact your body doesnt need much mucle to work!) before loosing any fat at all. It is only after a prolonged fasting that fat is started to be used by coverting the fatty acids into ketones which the brain can use to a certain extent. Also at this time some energy will be gained from fat, but not much. However if you are diabetic this will kill you as the ketone level may increase up to 25-30mM rather than just the 8mM it would reach if not. The 25-30mM will put you in a hypoglycemic coma and you will probably die from it as its toxic to your body. Basically fasting on nothing but water is a really bad idea. There are much healthier ways of dieting, eg lower carb/fat/cal diet and exercise.

Answer #22

You die.

Answer #23

I’ve fasted for 28 days (no food, or drink), but I did drink lots and lots of water, without water you die pretty quickly. I’ve also fasted for 21, 14 and 7 day fasts. My reasons were purely health related. I did lose a LOT of weight too.

People fasting for religious reasons generally eat a night or sundown, which is not really a fast in my book. Some religious fasters go all the way however, but really very few.

As @filletofspam said, fasting is a natural thing. Animals do it when they are sick. Its really a great cure for a bunch of things. It once and for all fixed my psoriasis, and a bunch of other things too.

However, its not for everyone. If you’re sick, or on medications, you have to get off them first. Unless you know what you’re doing, fasting should be supervised by a medical professional. And if you do not come off the fast correctly, it is all but wasted effort.

I would encourage people to try fasting, but for God’s sake, do your research first. At least read a couple books of something before you jump into it.

Answer #24

I’ve been fasting for eight days just drinking Juice and Water, I’ve lost 7lbs and it’s fat that’s burning away. I also do a little upper body and stomach exercise every morning and night, The exercises are beginning to get a little harder as I’m obviously weaker. I’m going to go another two days and then reintroduce food gradually starting with soup, I’m a vegetarian, I’ll follow up with Cheese and fruit for a cuppla days then go back to a healthy low carb, calorie diet.

Answer #25

If you don’t eat at all you die, your metabolism slows and goes into starvation mode because you are starving which makes it harder to lose weight. The best thing to do is to eat 3 healthy small meals a day and exercise.

Answer #26

most girls or women out there really want to lose weight, but most teen girls out there are desprate to lose weight. just listen yeah, I et your saying “Oh I really want to lose weight, what can I do?” everygirl who wishes to lose weight says that, and some think stupid by saying to lose weight dont eat.

look I been throuh this, and I got really ill.

week 1: week 1 I said to my self im going to lose weight by not eating. so everytime my mum did my tea or breakfast and that, I said im not hungry. and so she said well il put it covered and put it in the oven yeah. so then I just stoped eating. although I stoped eating I drank loads and loads of iced water, I mean LOADS. I kept going toilet loads of times.

week 2: my mum started to worry, and say why you not eating, whats wrong. and I couldnt tell her, becasue she would think im stupid and make me see a doctor. so I had to lieto her and say I ate mac donalds today with my friend and that nad I have been having tea over my friends house yeah. so she believed me and was alrightish about it. so I carried on drinking loads of iced water, sometimes just normal water without ice. but as I was drinking water, it made me full, seriously I was trying to figure out why I wawsnt feeling hungry. I mean every single day I used to e eating loads of food.but I didnt feel hungry. like every 10 minuets, water water water.

week 3: I was really ill, I felt it, in my stomack, I couldnt hardly breath in anymore. I felt so cold, weak, tired, and sick, they was the main syptoms. I didnt tell my mum atall. she fort I was eating. I didnt go out much eiver to se my friends atall, I satyed in this week and locked my self in my room and go sleep end drink water, but not much water. then I started to feel sick, like my belly was making wird noises, and movements and that. I had a really big pain to on my left hand side near my left pervic. it was really horrible. I didnt know if I was hungry or what, it was really difernt, I mena I felt abit happoer and normal that I am not always hungry anymore. but now goshh, I was feeling sick, I was sleeping abit I dont no why, I just slept through a hole day and maybe had a drink like every couple hours thorugh the night and day.

later on in the week, I couldnt breath in atall, I looked at my belly and I was just skinny, I actually fort I was the same, ut I couldnt hardly pinch my skin abit, I relised how much I was hundry so I started to shout at my mum to cook me someting, so when she did she cooked me a chicken curry for tea, and I just couldnt eat it, I said I feel sick so I had more water, not iced just water, like a full glass, so my mum did me toast if you feel sick, so I looked at it and I just couldnt, I felt hungry in side but then when the food is infront of me I just cant eat it, so I ate the one peice of toast and riped the crust of. later after I felt sick, real sick, that was wird, I just al asudden sick on my bedroom floor and my sister came in and said mum mum kerry is sick, so she came up and put her arm round me and said oh no kez, look what you done, so she cleabed it and that and I was just alsleep on the sofa with a cover over me and my mum and dad watching me in the front room, I woke up and my mum said yuo alright kez, I cleaned your sick up, like really disipointed looking, my mum said kerry you havnt een eating have you, she said your bones are showing quite abit on your lower stomack around your hips. and I said no they not like oh no im caught out like. she said kery, what have you done to yourself, and I remember her saying you been making yourself sick and I said no no no way, my dad said kerry if you dont eat you wil have to go hospital and have tubes down your throat and that, I said no im not, im fine I just had to much water proberly. my mum said ytou need to have something differnt than just water. she said kerry you used to go for food all the time, you have changed, I knew you wasnt eating that much, you turn down my cooking!! so I had to se a doctor the next day, and they sent me to hopsital.

I had to have these tablets, to take. the taste was horrible when you put it in your mouth. I had tubes in my mouth to, iyt was really horrible, really was, I was crying , going mad and everything. mum would say its alright kerry, youll be fine and kissing me, I had a injection stuck in my nuckle bit on my right hand it was eww didnt feel right. the nurses would have fed me. and make sure it went down my throa. I was in there for a 8 weeks. everyone had visited me, I then came home and had welcome back ,and mum said to me to go bed, so I did, the next few hours I had something to eat, and I was alright.

I was eating alright few days later, but wasnt much as I used to. so I was alright.

I was 10 stone 3 and half before I stoped eating didnt weigh my self at home, the doctor weiged me when went to doctors and I was: 8 stone 10

but now I am much better and eating more I am: 9 stone 8 and 3/4

so you girls out there I hope you know what this does to you, please stop.

all I can say is:

  • excise regualy
  • eat breakfast everymorning
  • have something little for lunch
  • eat something healthy and low in callaries for tea
  • if hungry after 8’0clock, have a apple or any sort of fibre.

this will do you good, have some iced water to, but dont go mad like I did!!!

hope this helps you, and you get the perfect shape you want, any questions on this please ask, I dont bite. thank kerry x

Answer #27

Wow…some pretty good responses. Well, from my understanding, the body will use as much of the fat stores as it can to survive. After and during that process it will start to waste your body away sacrificially cannibalizing your muscle mass. After a period of time the brain will eventually shutdown as your body runs out of the Sugars/Carbs needed to run the brain and other important functions. Not to mention an assortment of other health problems from undernourishment/malnutrition. But weight loss is your goal, right? I can offer some great advice as I lost 100 pounds after high school and have fought being over weight for quite some time. When it comes to eating it’s best to have variety and eating foods from the fruits, vegetables, meats and whole grain groups. Remember to not over eat anything, but eat enough to create satiety, or the sense of feeling satisfied or full. Eat breakfast lunch and dinner or the option to eat 5 meals at smaller amounts. Do not eat late at night, cut yourself off early…this will make you hungry at breakfast time which is also when you should eat the most(it gets your day started and also gives you a chance to burn most of what you eat throughout the day). It is important not to eat late at night as your body uses it fat stores while you are sleeping(So make sure you sleep more with all the exercise you need, again one of the secrets of weight loss). One of the next important things is to get some regular exercise. No diet or pill on earth is gonna beat eating healthy and getting regular exercise. You do not have to become a gym body either. Rather getting a couple of brisk walks on you breaks at work, or even up and down you road three times a week and 30-40 minutes at a time. Drink plenty of water and make sure you urinate frequently and clearly. Don’t focus on the scale is the next important piece. Weight loss is slow and the human body only does about half a pound per day at best. The rest is water weight and the loss of water that occurs. The hard part about this is that you could lose 15 pounds of water in a few days. Then you way yourself and you get so excited. You take the weekend off and replenish and maybe eat an extra meal. When you weight your self Monday you are back up 15 pounds and you feel like crap. 2 pounds of weight loss per week is a good goal. You achieve this by healthy eating, regular exercise and using these two tools over a couple years.(depending on how much you want to lose) The downside for us obese people(not calling you obese or anything, but I am/was), is that the human fat cell works against us. When we gain a lot of weight we make a lot of fat cells and these fat cells like to stay the same size(or get bigger and split to make more depending on how much you are eating). So they send a signal to our brain to replenish when they get low and you feel like eating. You can lose weight and shrink the size of these cells, but you will never get rid of all these cells you have made. As a big guy I can tell you that real weight loss for big people involves a MAJOR lifestyle change. And for you parents out there, the best thing to do for your kids is to never let them get fat. Obesity is like fighting a drug addiction and it’s something that you always carry with you.

Answer #28

Metabolism slows down gradually, insulin sensitivity increases, protein efficiency increases by 160%, growth hormone increases, glucagon increases, insulin decreases, toxins are released through the kidneys at an aggressive rate, digestive system is strengthened, the blood-brain barrier is opened, reduction of oxidative damage and increased cellular stress resistance. These positive results will be reversed if you do not eat for a prolonged amount of time (more than 7 days).

Check out these scientific and nutritional journals for more information.



Answer #29

I’ve been fasting for eight days just drinking Juice and Water, I’ve lost 7lbs and it’s fat that’s burning away. I also do a little upper body and stomach exercise every morning and night, The exercises are beginning to get a little harder as I’m obviously weaker. I’m going to go another two days and then reintroduce food gradually starting with soup, I’m a vegetarian, I’ll follow up with Cheese and fruit for a cuppla days then go back to a healthy low carb, calorie diet.

Answer #30

according to the law of conservation of energy, you will be a lot weaker during a fast because you don’t get the potential energy in food, and so your body has to rely on energy stored in fat cells.

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