What football position would you recommend?

Okay so im 13 and 5’9 and probably about 170-180 and im a bit overweight but im still fast enuff for a wid receiver standards just not much stamina. Anyways what position would I be because I tried linemen this year and I couldnt remmber half the plays lol because I had things going on that year like my dad was comatosed. And well yeah hes dead now but I digress. I also have moderately above average catching skills dont know if I can catch sharp hard throws though. What position do you reccomend? Don’t give me what I want to hear because I know it osunds liek im leaning to wide receiver. Give me your honest opinion.

Answer #1

you would make a great beginning linebacker if you work at it you could turn that weight into muscle but remember the lb has to be one of the hardest hitting guys out there you would also have to work on remembering the plays because in any position you have a lot to run

Answer #2

Your built to be a TE and if you can lose maybe 10 lbs and gets little faster you could be pretty good

Answer #3

I would say T.E. or possibly a RB or FB. on defense only thing I can think of is LB)

Answer #4

TE. Or DE. (tight end or defensive end)

Answer #5

I only played 5 Freshmen football games before I was injured with a traumatic brain injury from another activity, which made me unable to play athletics anymore. I was 145-148LBS, had some of the best hands on the team and played Tight aend & Defensive End. I was a fairly ruthless over-powering type of athlete which matched the needed intensity levels for the listed positions. So decide how intense you can play every down, if you can match the effort I described, it all comes down to how physically pounding you want to be. Playing just Tight End will require controlled tenascity, Defensive End will require from my experience, playing twice as hard! Which I enjoyed l.

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