What exactly do bulimic people do?

It’s not that I want to become bulimic or anything, it’s just that I am wondering how people find joy in this, and how bad it really is for you. and I want to know what they do… do they stick their hand down there or what. the reason I am asking this, is because I am thnking about writing a report for a magazine, and I would really like to have straight up info. thanks

Answer #1

XXx XXxx XXxx –Hi,

Bulimics binge(eat heaps) then try to get rid of the calories by – throwing up (ruins your teeth, causes electrolyte(chemical) inbalances in your stomach, hurts your throat and digestive system, can cause your heart to beat strangely, dehydrates you, and basically harms you physically) –using laxitives(doesn’t stop calories being absorbed, dehydrates you, ruins your digestive system, gives you embarrasing and serious problems like constipation or the opposite, etc) –exercising to extremes (takes hours out of each day, can cause serious injury when sufferers continue despite illness etc)

Why? as mentioned above. poor self esteem. mental and emotional issues. it’s different for everyone

a cycle. HOW NOT TO LOOSE WEIGHT: Go on diet (to loose weight, as bulimics are unhappy with their bodies). typically strict. body thinks it’s going into a famine, and so gets the mind to constantly demand food. Person gives in and has a “forbidden food” like chocolate, or more cereal than they would otherwise allow themselves. feeling they’ve blown it, or feeling out of control, or trying to numb their problems, they binge (eat significantly more than a normal person would in a single meal, usually at a fast rate, in a paniced fashion). Then feeling guilty, they try to get rid of the calories they have consumed. Another diet starts, and the cycle continues.

and yes i’m bulimic, and no the disease doesn’t really make sense. I have gained weight, and if you know anyone suffering from it, suggest that they get help immediately.

Answer #2

alot of females do it because they see girls that are thinner than them. and what do all the thin girls get…attention form guys, or they may just be doing it because they want the attention and they want someone to notice them that way they would try and be there for them. my sister did it for a while and i started to realize she was loosing a lot of weight and running to the bathroom all of the time after dinner. lukly i cought her on time before it got bad. i sat there and me and her talked all the time about her and my problems, and sometimes it could be the parents falt because the kids can never talk to them cause they would find somethin to bitch about it or never have time so the kids will find another way. it all really depends on what there situation is like i said it could be th parents there apperiance or they need the attention or a few other things which i dont even know why some just do it to do it.

Answer #3

It’s psychological to begin with, coming from lack of confidence, and has very serious physical effects on the body. Vomit contains a lot of acid from the stomach, and burns anything it passes through (the stomach is protected, so it doesn’t digest itself, but nothing else is, so this acid is actually “digesting” the throat and mouth little by little). The acid also destroys the enamel (hard covering) of the teeth so they begin to rot. There’s a worse variety of bulimia, called binge and purge, where the person doesn’t just throw up what they normally eat, but instead eats a ton without any control (like a bucket of icecream) and then throws it all up. Bulimia upsets the stomach, screws up the digestive balance of the body, makes the esophagus and teeth burn and rot, causes unhealthy weight loss until there’s almost nothing left on the bones - and worst of all, once you begin you’re hooked, so it’s hard to see the truth and quit.

Answer #4

Everybody is posting the same thing, don’t you see? I’m not mean, just annoyed. But if nobody else gets annoyed reading the same thing over and over, then maybe I’m just crazy.

Answer #5

Well it would save the person who asked the question a lot of reading if everyone read what the person before them said. That way, they wouldn’t repeat things that were already said.

Answer #6

first of all, that is the lamest excuse ever “article…”
bulimia is horrible- you have no control over hwat you eat, how much you eat, you feel compelled to eat everything in the house at once,and only afterwad feel incredibly guilty and need to get rid of it all. and you say “never again” and then repeat the same cycle the next day. or even next hour. so if you want to lose weight, join the gym, sign up for a healthy lifestyle. there is no joy in bulimia, thats not why we do it. we cant help it.

Answer #7

i really want to lose some weight im 14 nearly 15 and im 9 stone . all my friends are tiny and as its coming up 2 summer every1 will be heading to the beach and i honestly feel i dont fit in and im the fat whale in the bikini. i havent ate a proper meal in 3 days.. ive had a apple and tonite i went out 4 dinner but i ran to the bathroom to throw it up ! i reli cant bare the fact of putting any more weight on. even my mum said im starting 2 get fat !! grrr…i only wish i didnt care wat people thought … has anyone got any tips on how to get skinny ASAP ! ?

Answer #8

ugh who cares.

Answer #9

I’m bullemic. And its no fun. I just always think im fat when really im not. I just cant get it ou of my head. When i see skin flab someplace i need to get rid of it. So i throw up. Ive been going to therapy for it now and put on about maybe 2-5 pounds of muscle on. But i need to keep eating. Its very unhealthy for you. I was rushed to the hospital twice because of it. I hate myself for making this decision. Its hard on me though. Its a very hard habit to get rid of.

Answer #10

Bulimics generally have a low self esteem. Purging through vomiting or with the use of laxatives give bulimics a temporary ‘relief’. Bulimics go through a cycle of binging and purging which they find very difficult to control. If vomiting is part of the purging process for a bulimic, it is likely that their teeth are rotting from the stomach acid after being sick. There may also be teeth marks where they have forced their hand down their throat.

Answer #11

dont do it cause in the end you have two options 1.) die from it or 2.)if you do recover it will accualy make you gain more weight that you will be heavier then you were before

Answer #12

all i now is i need to be bulimic

Answer #13

you must be crazy seeing that no one else is complaining but you.

Answer #14

How about reading what people before you have said and then considering whether you really want to repeat the same thing everybody else has already written?

Answer #15

what they do is theyll stick a finger or something that can trigger a gag reflex causing them to throw up basically, and what it does harfully is the acid from the barf will burn the lining in the throat and lining in your mouth and even teeth not to mention harmfully lose weight. chadwick6688@yahoo.com

Answer #16

yea true, its hard to quit.. and i think mostly girls do it, not guys, my ex girlfriend is bulimic and when i found out - i tried to help her and tried everythin i could to make her stop but she still hasnt quit :(

Answer #17

Bulimic’s may or may not recieve some type of chemical release in the brain and cause a euphoric reaction. Though, bulimic’s do experience a type of emotional release, anger, pain, denial, depression. The physical act of throwing up and then eating is called binge and purge cycle. This is detrimental to the body for the body will quickly realize that the nutrints are not there at a constant level through out the day so there for they will attempt to store everything. So, if one were looking to get thin, the body is storing up all of the possible nutrients, and well that will worsen the depression. Bulimics stash food for a private binge, so as to not show others that they are eating so much food (shame game), and they will miss use diuretics and laxatives so as to help the body’s natural flushing process to help rid the extra calories, though this will put the person’s body in such a metabolic train wreck that hearts, and livers, etc will suffer greatly. Even if the person looks healthy, they may be just moment from a major health crisis. This is a learned and covenanted behavior which is extremely hard to change.

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