What does the creature syclla symbolize in the story the odyssey?

Also what does the siren song symbolize and the lotus plant eaters..???
Pls & thnxxx

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Scylla was a six-headed monster that snatched six men, one for each of her heads...whenever a ship sailed by. This shows how quickly an accident or tragedy can happen in real life and how unpredictable things can arise.

Sirens were used as a symbol for the dangerous temptation represented by women.

The lotus plant eaters were people who ate a plant that made them forget about home and want to stay there to eat more. The lotus plant eaters symbolize dr.ugs, because dr.ugs can make you forget about everything important in your life. Another thing it symbolizes is certain things that distract you from getting to the place you want to be, or your destination.

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