What does it take to get into Yale?

What does it take to get into Yale University? I know I am still young but next year I will be entering high school and I know high school grades count, so are there any tips or specific classes/activities I should take or do to help me get into Yale University?

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I’m in the same boat you are except I’m already a fresy and I’m in a needs improvement high school and I’m taking Junior classes and I’m still nervice as hell, any advice for me, should I look at other schools for high school? I’ve been to private school and I hated it but maybe if its worth it, what do you think?

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yale requirements include: There are no “exact” requirements, however act composites generally need to be in the low 30’s and sat’s in the 700’s. Yale does look at all aspects of the admissions including highscool records, teacher recommendations, and personal essays.

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GPA, class rank, and SAT scores…If you can maintain at least a 3.85+ GPA, a class rank in the top 5% of your class, and an SAT above the 96th percentile (>2100 total) you should be (AT BEST) on your way to consideration for acceptance to Yale.

In order to really give yourself an advantage, you need to show that you are a multi-faceted and more than capable student.

I.e. you need to show that you are not only smart but can also be president of your class AND the National Honor Society, yet can also be a dedicated volunteer to a charitable organization and a star athlete.

I’m not saying that that is the prescription to an Ivy education but I hope that it gives you an inkling of thought as to what will make you a remarkable student.

Keep in mind that only 9% of Yale applicants are accepted so try to think of what you can do to make yourself stand out…also keep in mind the $35,000+ yearly tuition.

How special are you among that 9% to deserve scholarships/grants?

It takes the average graduate student almost 10 years to gross the same salary as a straight-to-work high school student, due to financial aid repayment. (There’s nothing wrong with an in-state priced state school education)

Good luck in whatever you do.

Answer #4

Only a select few are accepted, so to ensure your seat at Yale, score high on the SAT’s (very high. minimum of 2300. or 1550 combined.) People think it is an easy thing to get into Yale. They are wrong. Be willing to sacrifice your life from a social standpoint for education. Keep your standards much higher than your school’s, since most schools do not expect students to attend Yale for college, let alone go to college. Apply to many scholarships and aids. Tuition will not be easy (at any college, in fact.)To stand out, if you know what you are going to do with your life (highly unlikely since you will probably change. You are only in eighth/ninth grade.), focus on enhancing that interest by participating in clubs and with organizations. (For example, if you want to be a doctor, volunteer at your local hospital.)Instead of being “well-rounded” (which colleges love), try to focus your resume (which you should start building from now) on what it is that you wish to pursue (which some colleges love. Speak the the college’s admissions officer) Volunteer, but do not sacrifice education for volunteering. Do not aim for state awards, but for national and international awards. Athletics and extra-curriculars definitely ENHANCE, not build, your resume. You MUST maintain a 4.0 GPA. Not an option, but a necessity. Take college classes along with your AP or IB or Honors classes. Colleges like this. Most importantly, be committed. Striving for acceptance to Yale and getting accepted into Yale are two completely different things. Be willing to commit 90% of the next four years of your life to getting in to Yale. Skip the parties. Hit the books. Your whole body, mind, and soul should be engrossed into getting into Yale. And you must work hard, because hard work pays off…Good luck with your future endeavors. :)

Answer #5

I believe that you should have the heart to go to yale and also a great reason on top of that. if you have recieved a few c’s tell them why and show that you could stand out, do something imporatnt and life changing. but also work hard and try very hard to get good grades but also be very well balanced:) and have a great time while doing it dont be the kind of person that just does work and has no fun dont loose yourself afterall they are accepting you so show them who you are and what your potential could be.

Answer #6

Very high grade point average. Involvement in student activities. Involvement in community activities.

Answer #7

The school is not so much important as the person attending the school. If you are scholastically talented then any university that specializes in your field will do. Bob Barker attended Drury University in Springfield, MO; he received a degree in economics.

The CEO of O’Reilly’s Auto parts stores also received a degree from Drury University. Regardless of the school you attend, it is important to utilize the time wisely and absorb all that applies to the education you seek.

Answer #8

I am a Yale graduate and the parent of one. It wasn’t that grim. Work hard. Enjoy what you do and focus. Yale likes diversity. They could fill the school with people with perfect GPAs and scores. But, they want interesting people. This doesn’t mean that you can be a slackard. Work hard. But relax. Find your niche. You are only young once.

Answer #9

4.0? I would think you need at least 4.5 these days, the competition is getting that crazy. Take a lot of AP classes, score really high on SAT, get only 4 hours of sleep per day, and basically sacrifice four years of your life to get into a highly overrated university.

Answer #10

Keep your grade ponit average to at least a 3.5 to 4.0, most Universities like Yale won’t even bother with you unless you do. Also take debate classes, civic classes and get involved in your community. But most important, keep your grades up.

Answer #11

I live in Canada but want to go to Yale. I will be a sophmore in september. The entire fee I will be paying is $60,000, is that really worth it? Also because I’m canadian will that infulence my admission?

Answer #12

First, I’m thrilled you’re so interested in Yale. I can tell you it is truly a wonderful place to study, meet people, find what you love to do in and out of the classroom, and create a home you will come back to visit for the rest of your life.

But. You have a long ways to go. I fully believe that I could have had just as incredible an education and overall experience at other colleges. How can you ever know? Don’t close yourself off so early - there are a multitude of great schools of all types and sizes out there. How do you know that, by the time you apply, you won’t have a specific interest that Yale’s programs can’t satisfy? Give yourself time to decide what you value - maybe you’d want a smaller school, not the ~5,300 undergrad at Yale; maybe you’d want a more career-oriented program (Yale’s broadly defined liberal arts ed is notorious for leaving graduates with a bit of vertigo).

That said, I’ve sat in on a session with people who work for Yale admissions on a mock evaluation of two applicants. We reviewed their applications, discussed, and voted - then found out what the result had been. First of all, the person with the lower GPA was admitted while the other wasn’t. Secondly, grades were a pretty small part of the discussion. DO work hard. DO try to maintain above a 3.6. Definitely shoot for above 1300 on your combined SATs. But: the essays matter more. You need to be compelling and original. If there’s a skill I can recommend honing throughout high school, it is the art of communication - no need for flowery language, just make it your goal to write interesting, concise essays.

I don’t have my original application essays, but they were about things that mattered to me, things that I could really talk about. I didn’t write about how great I was or how I devoted time to community service or about some book that changed my life: I wrote about my mom, and I wrote about biking through France. And hey, it worked.

Hope this helps. Do what makes you happy, do it well, and tell ‘em why you want Yale so much.

Answer #13

hey, I am a sophmore going on jr. but I have no idea what im doing.. I get good grades but more of the A-B range but I have at least 8(or more) extra curriculars… I want more to be in the theatre program… so I even stand a shot?

Answer #14

I am currently a junior at Yale and I think the best advice I can give you is to just try your best in high school. Make sure you volunteer and take part in your school’s Key Club and other clubs. Also, when you are old enough, try getting an after school job. It shows that you are able to maintain grades and balance work as well. SAT scores are also a very important factor when it comes to applying. Make sure you take it more than once. You may do better a second time. Also, make sure you prepare. There are a number of books and software designed you help you tackle some of the tricks in the test. You might want to even try running for your school government or an officer in a club. Try to get into your school’s national honor society.

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