What does everybody think of this story??

Part 1: Introduction- As the blade grew deeper in her arm, Daina forgot about everything on her mind. The only thing she felt was the growing pain coming from her bloody limb. She hated her life, and everyone in it. Nobody felt the sever pain and fear she felt. She dislodged the sharp and now red object from her skin, and black waves of tears went down her cheeks from that agonizing moment. Daina had been through a lot, with an alcoholic and abusive father, a drugie mother, and her sister Casey had just committed suicide last year, so she thought this was the only way to release her agony. Her arms were a story with many chapters of the last few years. She looked at her many scars and began to weep again. She fell asleep there, cradling her arm. Darkness- The next morning, she bandaged her arm, and put on a long sleeve shirt to hide it. She left the house as soon as she was done changing. She took the same route as she always did, going down Elm St., and cutting through the field of now dead grass, to her school. She sat outside waiting and reading, while gossiping and giggling girls passed her. Daina had no friends, so this was her daily routine. The bell rang and she walked silently to her first period class, English. This was her favorite class, for she was able to free write most of the time. The teacher said he saw potential in her, so he didn’t care what she did as long as she was writing. She mostly wrote poems of despair, but sometimes would write stories. She would usually write about her thoughts and feelings. The poem she was writing today was about darkness. “As the blade grew deeper in my arm, I grow deeper in Darkness. All I see is the Darkness getting closer, Until I can see nothing. No light, No way out. I am alone in this nightmare. I can’t breath, I’m being suffocated by the lack of light. I am nothing, I am Darkness.” All of a sudden, her paper flew out of her hands, and she turned around to see Jaysin standing there reading her poem. She tried to get it back, but he kept on reading it, like she wasn’t even there. He started laughing, and ripped it up. She couldn’t breath; all she wanted to do was disappear into darkness, like in her poem. His friend Tyler walked up, and asks what was so funny. “This chick is a psycho,” said Jaysin. “That’s not real funny. Why don’t you just leave her alone?” “Gawd, what’s up with you man?” Jaysin says as he walked away. “Thanks,” Daina whispered with tears in her eyes, and ran to her next class.

Reflections- As Daina walked through her door that night, she could hear her parents arguing. She didn’t want to get caught in the middle of it, so she ran straight to her bedroom. She timidly tiptoes across the hallway to the bathroom, and silently shuts the door. She tries not to catch her reflection, but catches a glimpse. She sees her black hair, all tangled, from the lack of care she put in it. She sees her small blue eyes, filled with fear. All of a sudden, the door swings open, and her father was standing there. She screams.

Part 2: In her Head Shards of Glass- I wake up hazily, trying to remember what had happened. And as I looked at my bloody body, it all comes back to me in a flash of lightning. It had been quick, but I remember. My father had been drinking the night before, and had attacked me. I look around at the broken shards of glass around me, and the throbbing pain comes back. He had bashed my head against my mirror, which sent me falling to the ground with hundreds pieces of the mirror. After a while of that excruciating moment, everything went black. I had remembered nothing else. It was Saturday, which meant mom and dad were at the bar for the day. I sat on the cold tile floor, staring blankingly at the small white ceiling, thinking. Red Rose- A couple hours later, I finally get up. I stumble helplessly as I walk out of the bathroom to get a broom. My arms, legs, and back were aching badly, as if I had just gotten off a long flight. I finally find the broom after a while of searching; I stagger back to the bathroom. I slowly sweep the pieces together, until they are a big pile of diamonds. I left them sitting there, and I start to undress. I turned the shower on hot, and wait for it to get steamy to step in. The warm liquid reaches my skin, and I feel relaxed. I see the water looking pinkish, and that makes me look at my arm. Blood is lightly trickling down it, from where the glass had punctured it. I pull the shard out and more blood floods down my skin. The water now is as bright red as a rose and the blood keeps coming. I just stand there, watching, with no intention of stopping it. I start to feel light headed, so I turn the water off. I step out onto the chilly tile floor, and grab a fuzzy, colorless towel, and dab it carefully on my wound. The blood seeped through the fabric quickly, and I grab another one. The bleeding had slowed down now, so it didn’t dribble through this time. I hear a sound that sounds like thunder, and realize that that had been my stomach. I quickly dry myself, get dressed, and run downstairs. Fire- I drag myself to the kitchen to find something that would cure my grumbling stomach, and look in the cupboard. While I skim each shelf, I find a packet of brownies I can fix. I find all the things I need, preheat the oven, and mix the ingredients together. The oven beeps, and I stick the chocolaty treats in it to bake. I go over to the television to find something to waste the time I had till the brownies were done, and sit down on the couch. After a few minutes, I start to feel drowsy. I lay my head on the pillow, and shut my eyes, saying I would only sleep for a few minutes. I start to dream: I am in a small, empty room, with no door or windows. All I hear is a small buzzing sound, coming from somewhere far away. I find this peaceful, until I hear a voice. His voice is so familiar, and what he was saying was very familiar. And then I realize it; that clear voice was Jaysin, reading the poem I had written the day before. All of a sudden, I see smoke, and smell something like sulfur. The smoke is spreading, covering all the white walls. The buzzing sound gets louder; until I can’t even hear him reciting my poem. I see a dark figure in front of me. He is getting closer. Now I can see into those scary eyes, and I see my father. He takes my head and smashes it against a wall, and I wake up screaming. I smelled something burning, and remembered about the brownies I had been baking. I run to the kitchen, and see one of the walls caught up in flames, and go to the pantry to get the fire extinguisher. I try to get the clip out, but I drop the whole thing in the outskirts of the fire, and try to get it back. The fire had already warmed up the metal, and I burned my hand. I tried to run to the front door, but I tripped on my own feet, and fall to the ground. The flames were getting closer, and I could barely breathe from the lack of oxygen. I needed to get out of this h#!@, but couldn’t find the strength to get up. My body was like a rag doll, just lying there helplessly on the tile. I hear a shattering sound, and look to see pieces of glass flying around me from the broken window. I start to crawl towards the door, getting all scraped up from glass, trying as hard as I could to get outside. The flames grow taller, and I can feel the heat all around me. I start to wonder if this will be the end, which I will never have to live with the pain I feel ever again. I hadn’t noticed it at first, but I was going slower. I start to speed up again, only a few feet from the door. I snatch the doorknob, and clutch it as I try to get myself up. I pulled myself to my feet, and turn the handle that would lead to my freedom. The door doesn’t budge. I push harder, trying to get it to open, but this does nothing to the closed door. I lost all hope of getting out of this place. I fall to the ground, and start to weep, thinking these will be the last tears I will ever cry. I lay there for who knows how long, just crying and gasping for whatever was left of the clean air.

Answer #1

Oh my god what happens next ?! That’s really good ! I so wanna read that book ! great job hun :) x

Answer #2

I really really like the story.. I noticed a pattern in your sentences.. you would say a phrase and then put a comma, and then say another one. just have a little more variety in the grammatical area and sentence structure, then it’ll be super good.. good job hun (: I felt like I was right there watching lol.

Answer #3

haha, I have more but it wudnt let me post the rest,but its only a couple more chptrs,because I’ve had writers block lol..

Answer #4

I LOVE IT!!! I wanna read your book. I can imagine the whole setting, how she feels, what she looks like…its perfect

Answer #5

it was great so far im writing a short story too

Answer #6


Answer #7

Thanks(: yeahh theres more, but it wudnt let me post the rest..

Answer #8

I just skimmed through it, and it sounds pretty good! It’s pretty intense! :)

Answer #9

this is interesting, like nothing I would write actually. I do want to keep reading it though because it seems so realistic and yu are good at putting in details. I kinda forget details in stories :P =)

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