What do you think of this sentance

'suicide is just your way of telling god, you cant fire me I quit!'

I think its quite cool ,what do you think, I didnt come up with it or anything :)

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that's funny lol

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I like it myself you should print some T-shirts

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that is cool

ANSWER #4 of 10

hell shmell convert to judaism and the afterlife isnt a problem lmao

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KInda not true..because if indeed there is a God,if you use suicide you'll go to hell more faster and for sure.So the sentence doesn't have a good meaning.

ANSWER #6 of 10

yeah I agree..

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I like it too. its true for the people who are going thru this.

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certainly rebelios, I like it

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Cool Sentance.

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I cant tell Lora I quit she'll yell at me :(

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