What do you think of the passion of the christ?

What do you think of mel gibson’s movie the passion of the christ? For me is the most impressive movie about that last week of jesus christ on earth. The true extent (or close) of his suffering..the way he was battered and the true suffering and death on a cross and ressurrection. Really is very hard to see because it does moves peoples feelings…I remember in the theater people crying everone crying watching the movie & some shouting: “why you don’t stop hurting him!!?” to the movie. Even people that aren’t moved by movies were with their eyes watered. The most impresive part to me was when his mother ran to him when jesus fell with the weight of the cross and reasuring him that she was with him always (like when he was a child). I cried. I thought of my mother.

Answer #1

amblessed I doubt he was thinking of you or anyone else for that matter when he was being whipped and killed. But it’s a nice thought.

Answer #2

Actually gruesome…

Answer #3

AMEN TO THAT ‘AMBLESSED’ ! I couldn’t say it better.

Answer #4

it was lame. I got bored with it.

Answer #5

Once they started to beat him I had to leave the theater because I couldnt watch JESUS being abused like that.

Answer #6

AMEN TO THAT ‘AMBLESSED’ ! I couldn’t say it better.

Answer #7

100 percent agreed with amblessed and he definatly was thinking of u and all the other people u, me and lots of people amen!!!

Answer #8

I agree with pickles16 100% but was a gastly execution nevertheless

Answer #9

I didn’t see it. I don’t allow myself to watch movies that are rated r. I just don’t think they are good for me.

Answer #10

It was a dipiction of what my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ went through and suffered - He could have called 10,000 angels or more but He didn’t - He was the sacrifice for our sin - His purpose, because He Loves us so - without it we were doomed for all eternity - the Bible actually says His face was unrecognizable - I for one am so very grateful and thankful, what a gift to man from a Loving Heavenly Father, Amen !!

Answer #11

Now you made an exibhit of your opinion without being disrespectful, See? The way you presented your opinion with the comentary about the Paris movies (or comparing it to them) was the problem. You can insult people that way (without that been the idea). But I know that all revolves about money. Even a movie about Jesus Christ. But is needed money to make the idea in a movie. But it can be used to do good, too. People had been attracted to the Scriptures even with a simple movie. A Reverend friend of mine made a thief to convert to the Scriptures only watching a movie in His house where the thief was with a gun waiting to kill Him if He (the Reverend) made a move. And now He is alive to tell the tale. And I know that this is a Capitalist Society, if not everything wouldn’t run around money.

But people (Society) need to be remembered about certain things from now and then, because we tend to forget. (I see the movie of The Passion that way).

God Bless you, Friend.

Answer #12

Well it looks as that people with their opinions can’t respect other peoples beliefs. Asking people’s opinion about the movie that showed with the most realistic view the suffering of Jesus Christ, who gave His life for us ( and now tell me WHO would give His/Her life freely for someone), can be done with respect. Makin a comparison of That with a movie about Paris Hilton (and I can imagine what movies are been refering to) show how the world and the people is right now! This is a public forum but things can be done with respect! That is why the world is like it is now…too bad.

Answer #13

what happened to Him was worse than what you saw in the movie. anyway, I thought it was very sad (what I saw of it). I left right in the middle; couldn’t stand to watch the abuse continue. I think that was the time in my life when I cried the hardest.

Answer #14

Don’t take this offensivly, but you asked for an opinion so here it goes… I saw it and I wasn’t moved just because I knew how much religious propaganda was in it. It was absolutely terrible what they did to him, no doubt. but it didn’t change my life or anything

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