What do you think about plastic surgery?

I was just wandering what people's oppinoins on plastic surger are, do you support it.. Or hate that people get it. I was also wandering if stars like Lindsay Lohan, and Kim Kardashian had plastic surgery?

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My own opinion is that, if plastic surgery makes you feel confident about yourself then go for it. But don't forget that our body is the temple of god.

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I agree ash23 and mrscobainx3, everyone should be happy with what they already have, plastic surgery wont change who you are! only your outerself which at the end of the day isnt everythign and doesnt really matter!..its sad really why people change theirselves and parts of their body.

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I think it all depends.
The only time I think it is really nessecary to get plastic surgery is if someone was in a bad accident or something and became completely deformed. That is 100% understandable. But most people do it for the wrong reasons. I don't know which stars have it done, and quite frankly... I dont care, I don't see why you would.

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its a girl second best friend but it hurts like hell my frend had plastic sugery done and she told me how much it hurt but she said it was worth it

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eewie! plastic surgery is so nasty! geesh. if you really want to hurt your body that bad then go kill urself. its so nasty. why try to change who you are so people will like you.
and about those stars... probably. they gotta keep up with the trends of hollywood! god. which I think is retarded. love who you are. and if you dont then sucks to be you.

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I think if someone wants to get plastic surgery they should. Its sad though, that so many want to change and shape the way they look..
People should really just be happy with what god gave them, and love themselves... But because of technology now people can change basically anything they want...

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I think unless it were to reconstruct me somehow, plastic surgery isn't for me.

I don't really have a problem with other people doing it, though.

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Honestly,In My opinion,I would only use plastic surgery if I got in a serious accident and needed it to rebuild a part of my body.
I think people should learn to love their body the way it is,and not change it for someone else,which is whats going on when woman use plasic surgery for breast implants,ect.
Big stars like Lindsay Lohan,Paris Hilton,Ect get their body reshaped with Plastic Surgery for the attention and admiration of the younger viewers,and fans.
So,My Answer is No,I dont agree with plastic surgery when used to impress others.

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Plastic Surgery... There's no right or wrong about it

If you are that depressed about your body and are mentally stable go ahead, but people think it will also give themselves confidence- but how will it? your changing the outside not the inside!

Only if it makes you happy!

Personally I wouldnt!

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Its a really tough call. some people use plastic surgery as a excuse to change themselves because they have a mind set of this perfect image of beauty. I think it's okay if you have been in a accident and do need plastic surgery because I've done it before to and I don't think its wrong but I think people abuse the right. Like if someone does not like their nose I think stars abuse plastic surgery way to much like nose jobs when they don't even need them and it give people a bad perspective of beauty

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