What do you think about Jehovah's Witnesses?

what do you think about JW”s? people keep on spewing nasty things at us yet they Know nothing about us nor have they been to meetings or fully understand what we do and believe.

Answer #1

lol, dude, someone has to fulfill the prophesy…just as they have hated christ so they will hate us his true followers in this time…the world is fond of what is its own…so in a way its a good thing the witnesses are so hated…thats 1 of of the ways we’re identified as christ true followers

Answer #2

Jw’s are very missunderstud. I know ALLOT of them and I ♥ them all!!! I just wish I was not such an idiot so I could be in the new system.

Answer #3

I think that everyone should have the right to religious expression. Even if you do not care for them, you should be polite enough to listen to their message when they come to the door.

Answer #4

I think they are very good people, who work very hard at being a witness, and I think the flak comes from being different from mainstream Christianity, and from not having the bible as the only book they base their beliefs on, I think their main book is the Watch Tower, and , I don’t think their beliefs are the same either. Isn’t that correct?

Answer #5

it is very rude and annoying for JW’s to knock on people’s door and try to convert them

Answer #6

Jehovah’s WItness does not convince you into their beliefs. They are sharing it with you. I think they are really nice people once you get to know them you realise all the rumors about them are false.

Answer #7

Well, I know some friends that are Jehova’s witnesses & even studied on High School with a girl that was one ,too. and telling you the truth, 4 of the 6 leaved that denomination because all the restrictions it has. People first became furious with JW because they don’t have anyone of them (even a child) to have a blood transfussion even if it was to save His live..WHAT PARENT WOULD DO THAT? and about Pagan Holidays…Halloween I can understand why not to celebrate it ..any Christian shouldn’t, But a birthday? A day to remember the date when you were born, or a son or a Father? PLEASE! that’s too much. A good friend of mine being a JW feel so sad when is Her Birthday & She can’lt celebrate it. I gave Her a present without Her parents knowing & you could see How happy She was…for what I know She left the JW,too. And if you Believe in Jesus ..I was investigating your believes..on the JW site..it says that Jesus was ‘The most important Man who ever lived’ and as The Son of God. But you never recognize Him as God. And even say that Paul the Apostle never recognized Him as God. Of course He did ( Titus 2:13 “ Looking for the blessed hope and glorious appearing of our great God and Saviour Jesus Christ”). And of Course Jesus said that He was God (John 14:9-12), and this pasage too: “I tell you the truth” , Jesus answered; “before Abraham was born I AM!”(John 8:58)And the name ‘I AM’ in Exodus was the name God revealed to Moses . And even accepted worship(when appeared to Thomas He said: “ My Lord and my God!”/ and Jesus never rebuked Him for that John 20:28) that for the Hebrews God was the only one to worship.

I used to read your magazine , because a Matrimony that I know, they give it to me to read it & I find it very interesting..except for some things about your beliefs. And yes, here in Puerto Rico people find very annoying that the JW come knocking on the door to preach to you..isn’t bad that they want to share their message , but when I talked one day with some of them..they want to label anyone a siner cause we don’t belive their way. And they don’t go..they continue to try even when I told them: “No, thanks..I it was interesting talk to you but I have a Church were already I belong to..” and I needed to be a little rude with them:” I said NO THANKS! DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND!?” Then there they leaved. The way why people don’t like them sometimes is cause : People know how they are & their beliefs.

Answer #8

“brianttt J.W.s, does the belief that your religion is superior cause you to think that you are superior in other aspects of your lives as well?”

Perhaps the witness that you met had an air of superiority about her, but our religion does not claim that we have a superior religion, we teach the true religion. our bible was very carefully copied and has gods real name left in it. And we are warned many times not to act as if we are superior to others due to our religion.

Answer #9

It is so horrible what these people have to say about the jw knocking at their door… I wonder if jesus could knock on your door and tell you that there is a way for you to live for ever and have a better and peaceful life would you ignore him or slam the door in his face? jw’s are doing what god has commanded us to do which is spread the news of the good kingdom … and the world that will come in which we were met to live… so many people cry and say that they wish that this world can be better, but when they are told that there is a way to live in a peaceful and fruitful life they just dont want to make the scarfices that it required.,., remember the scarfice that jesus gave for all of us to even have life now and also his scarfice is what gave us the ticket to everlasting life,,, before you judge, read more and find out more …

Answer #10

It is so horrible what these people have to say about the jw knocking at their door… I wonder if jesus could knock on your door and tell you that there is a way for you to live for ever and have a better and peaceful life would you ignore him or slam the door in his face? jw is doing what god has ask us to do which is spread the news of the good kingdom … and the world that will come in which we were met to live… so many people cry and say that they wish that this world can be better, but when they find out a way to have that they just dont want to do the scarfices that it takes.,., but remember the scarfice that jesus gave for all of us to even have life now and also his scarfice is what gave us the ticket to everlasting life,,, before you judge, read more and find out more …

Answer #11

I am I JW. I can understand the way some of you feel. The door to door ministry we do is not to pressure anyone or force anyone, its sharing what we believe because its what we have been asked to do in the bible. As for you that are against the way we view blood transfusions it is understandable your point of view but it is still in the bible for us to “abstain from blood”.

so bearing all that in mind I still am clueless as to how people can be nasty to us when all we are doing is following what has been asked of us by God. That is what belief and faith is all about.

Answer #12

I dont think they are bad. my dad is a pastor which my dad tells them and they stand there trying to convince my dad to turn into a jehovah witness. and then they have the nerve to ask if they can talk to me. no offence, but theres a difference between telling people bout God and then forcing people to change. when I go door to door, I simple tell people the basics, b/c thats all people needs, they dont need a 20 point sermon, and if they seem interested then I try to help them and help them to reach God, if they dont seem interested, then I leave. I tell them who I am and where I attend church, most of the time, they let me say what I have to say, and if htey dont seem interested or whatever I say thank you for letting me talk to you and leave, I dont pound them with it or force them. im not sayin you do, but the jehovah witness that comes to our house or they use to, they try to force it on us, even tho’ we told them we are saved and ready to go and all, they still tried to force it upon us.

oh and theres NOT limited spots in Heaven, that could be the reason some people doesn get saved, if thats what they believe, b/c if their afraid they cant get in, their not going to do it. theres plenty of space in Heaven, theres no capacity and theres no limit.

Answer #13

I have a J.W. as a coworker and she is absolutely the most self-righteous, self-centered, self-promoting person I have ever met in my life! I try very hard to be amiable with her since we work together, but it seems that, no matter what I say (and I try hard not to say things that will “provoke” her), her response will be something along the lines of: “Well, as a Jehovah’s Witness, I have a very, very, very strong faith. I hope one day you’ll have one as well”; or, “No, I haven’t seen that movie. My husband and I choose not to view R-rated movies as we believe in living morally righteous lives.” She makes many false presumptions about the faith beliefs of others (including myself!) without asking questions, but is CONSTANTLY talking about her own faith in a very self-righteous, even egotistical, manner! It drives me crazy and last week I left work on the verge of tears because she had made me so angry with one of her comments. Work is a very inappropriate place to discuss something as personal and as complex as one’s faith. I stumbled upon this site looking for a polite & professional way to tell her to back off with the comments, and feel better after having vented here! I’d love to hear a J.W.’s explanation of the constant self-promoting, even in conversations that have absolutely NOTHING to do with faith. J.W.s, does the belief that your religion is superior cause you to think that you are superior in other aspects of your lives as well?

Answer #14

I am married to a JW and I am in sock to have read some of the comments that I read today. First I want to start of my saying that they dont brain wash anybody and they dont force anyone to become a JW. Jesus told his disciples to go door to door and make desciples of all people. I was born and raised cristian and I never learn anything about the bible all I remember growing up was how the pastor would preach about offering and ties. when have you seen any pastor drive an ugly car or have a old house. they are always well dress have very expensive cars have the best houses in the block and who gives that to them not God but the people in the congragation but no one seen to mind that you know why because in these churches you could do what you want go and come as you please and no one says anyting thats why many people like those churches and are ok with everything that goes on there. How many preist in the Catholict Chruch have rape kids because they are not allowed to get married so weed need to look at everything and not talk about something that you may not know anything about. You guyas are rigt it is a little cruel not to celebrate brithdays and cristmas and all of those holidays but what you dont know is that they pick certain days and give gifts to their kids and make them feel speacial the JW love there children and take very good care of them. JW are allowed to associate them self with other people not just JW they prefer to hang with each other because other dont understand them or attacked them because of of what they beleive. They dont use other book to read what they want or to change anything these other book come from the bible scriptures and are use with the bible to make it easier to understand. People sould really sit and read the bible real good. to the person that made the comment about jesus being God how can that be if Jesus him self said you will get to the father through me and always said that he was here to do his father will and we he tought his disciples how to pray to told them to alwasy say in the name of the father, jesus and the holy ghost. yeah you are right he is a God but not Jehova God. in the book of Psalm he said to David and you should know me by my name Jehova and that is written in everyones bible even in the catholict bibble so people please read before writing comments.

Answer #15

im 13 and I love the door to dooor work (as I call it ) every one says kids are made to go , im not made I go out of free choice and also I love the meetings x

Answer #16

Well, one person of the JW’s doesn’t represent them as a whole. They are all individuals. The question is, “Do they teach what the bible teaches?” It doesn’t matter whether they are nice or not. The word they teach is suppose to be God’s. Find out about who wrote the New World Translation and you will see they have many errors. Also, as for LDS and anyone else this applies to, The New Testament said that that was it. No more books after this. No more prophets were to come but false ones. The King James Version is the true bible to read in English. The NIV takes some scripture out. So, there it is.

Answer #17

I am marreid to a witness,and I have family that are witnesses.Where I live they don’t try to convert anyone they just try to share Bible truths with people.Jesus told his followers to go door to door house to house and make deciples of all the people.Some years back I spent some time talking to pastors,priest, miisters of allkinds of different religions and the witnesses were the only ones who showed me what the bible said.The others just wantedme to except what they said instead of showing me what God has to say.To many people get stuck on on thing and prevents them from moving forward.Do althings to please God.In a nut shell,witnesses don’t lie,steal,cheat or kill,and above all they love God and Jesus.They lead clean moral lives.Remember people are imperfect and we all make mistakes even the elders at the kingdom Hall.If you want to know what JW’s are like take the time to talk to one

Answer #18

I have been to the meetings and read their articles, they are friendly people. But like the mormons it is an invented religion in my oppinion. I beleive that God must be right 100% of the time and it should not be rewritten in order to suit ones life. We should conform to the bible, not the bible to us.

Answer #19

I think your religion is really interesting. I have a brochure on your religion that one of my classmates from college gave me to read. I respect your religion and I wouldn’t say anything nasty since I don’t have anything nasty to say. I’ve heard of nasty rumors about your religion as well. Jehovah Witnesses are somewhat simular to my religion which I’m LDS/Mormon. But, we have many differences.

Answer #20

They are ok, people trying to do what they believe is right. I grew up as a jehovah’s witness since I was 8 years old and left home when I was 15. I was required to go to the meetings 3 nights per week for 2 hours per meeting and study the bible and their publications and there wasn’t a choice it was either submit or move out. It’s like that with all their children. They believe that armageddon is coming and that we are living in the last days right now and only those that are one of them and practice their particular lifestyle will be saved. The rest or ‘worldly people’ who live an ungodly way of life will be put to justice and perish. They believe that there is no hell because their God, Jehovah is so rightous that he wouldn’t allow people to suffer torment. They believe that 144,000 annointed humans will have a heavenly hope while the rest will live forever on paradise earth. I’m happy to see them so passionate about what they believe. I disagree with the imbalance of power that the organisation has on the families and the impression it has on children. If we get a knock at the door we have reasoning ability to make our own mind up as to whether we want to learn more or not. As a child it is all you know, your parents are witnesses their friends are witnesses so deciding not to participate is almost impossible as you are left with the choice, accept your parents way of life or make your own and at 10 years old you have no way out. They believe that it is their duty as a parent to inculcate their teachings into their children so that they will be saved basically. It’s not healthy, kids don’t need to worry about the end of the world, armageddon. It’s difficult to argue with a Jehovah’s Witness as they know the bible sharply and use it to change your mind. The main emotions that motivate humans are fear and greed. They use fear to motivate you to become one of them, this fear is simple if you don’t practice a godly way of life, their way then you will be judged and will miss out on living forever on a paridise earth or going to heaven if you happen to be one of the annointed class. It may be your cup tea if you’re lonely or curious they are based worldwide, most likely in your area. They offer free bible studies and would welcome you in to their religion. Give it a go just remember you can always say no. It is not an organisation I would associate with.

Answer #21

Pride and arrogance are not Christian virtues yet JW are full of both since they think only they know “The Truth”. I’ve see what this false church has done to my brother. He wants to quit but is afraid of being condemned. It’s all brainwashing naturally, but short of miracle, I suspect he’d doomed to stick with this apostasy until he dies.

Answer #22

Well as a Christian, I beieve that every denamination has a right to speak what they beileve and try and help the non beilevers come to know Christ. But, when someone is told that they have to beat out 143,000 other people to get into heaven, that kind of throws people off. Heaven is not a game that the best of the best get into, it is a refuge for those who have given their lives to Jesus and admitted they were sinners and cofessed their sins. Every person is born a sinner and we all fall short of the glory of God, but those of us that believe and trust in his word know that He forgives when we ask for forgivness. In my opion there has already been 144,000 people that have died and gone to Heaven in this life so for me as a born again Christian I would not stand a chance and that is not worth living for, so I like the BIBLE’s version of my eternal life. Your religion brain washed my grandmother into beliving that she was not worthy to go to Heaven because she was not among that elite clan of “perfect” people, and she was a great person. You need to read the TRUE word of GOD and see what his lifetime plan is for you, it makes more since. And, I do know all about your religion and beliefs,like I said my grandmother was one until the day she died and according to you she is just laying in the dirt and that is where she will spend her enternity. I just don’t see that!

Answer #23

Jehovah’s Witnesses are the true religion out all religions. True, that their beliefs are bible based, but why shouldn’t they base their beliefs on the bible and what it says? The Bible is really God’s Inspired Word. Every thing in the bible that has been foretold has come true, such as earthquakes from one place to another, wars–kingdom against kingdom & nation against nation, food shortages, diseases, those are just a few to name. The reason they go from door to door is to preach the good news of God’s kingdom. The ‘end of this system of things’ in other words, the world, is coming to it’s end where wickedness and the wicked and unfaithful people in it will perish… it is an urging, to get all the humans on earth to get into the truth so that their lives may be spared through armageddon and into everlasting life… So Jehovah’s Witnesses are the nicest people anyone could ever meet. Take your time to get to know them and you will understand that the nasty things about them are false..

Answer #24

I don’t think they are crazy or anything, I just think it’s really annoying when they come to my house and try to convince me to become a Jehovah witness. Somene I know is a jehovah witness and she’s not allowed to celebrate her birthday, christmas, easter, new years eve, Nothing! I feel so bad for her! Imagen waking up on your birthday and everyone is just ignoring the fact that it’s your birthday. She’s not even allowed to go to birthday parties!

Answer #25

Hi I think that what people say about us is harm full. (BTW: I’m a jehova’s Wittness.) Anyway first of all we dont try to convince you and we don’t hate jesus!!! We just belive in his dad and him. Plus we dont threaten you to become a wittness. Anyway I think that people that say we do are liers and hate people. And also we dont go by what people say if not of what we read in the BIBLE!! you people should read it.

Answer #26

My boyfriend was brought up in the Jehovah’s Witnesses and is filled with shame, guilt and depression as a result. Many of his relatives act nice to my face and then tell him to leave me, come back to Faith and family, blah, blah, blah. If you are not a JW, the JWs consider you to be under the influence of Satan and destined for total destruction. So, the next time you are thinking how polite and nice the JWs are, just remember that they think they are superior to you and you’re basically evil. Their teachings are not according to the Bible and they have made dozens of false prophecies over the past hundred or so years. Their rulers are a group of old men in New York. And since they can’t do too many fun or interesting things, many of them enjoy gossiping about anyone they think might be having a good time! Ooooh…the scandal!

Answer #27

My husband’s family are Jehovah Witness’s…they know how I feel and they have never tried to “convert” me (BTW my husband is no longer one). I do agree that it is annoying when they knock on your door but everybody needs to remember that it is your door, you don’t have to answer it. As for celebrating holidays and birthdays…I find that kind of strange and it really makes it hard on my kids plus on my niece who asks why my kids get things for their birthdays and she doesn’t. I also don’t understand why they can celebrate a wedding anniversary but not a birthday…isn’t a child being born just as (if not more) important than when two people got married?

I have never talked down to them and if I have a question I normally ask because they love to answer my questions about their religion. I don’t think there is anything (in general) wrong with Jehovah Witness’s, it’s more like some of the things they preach and practice. For example…my father in law was kicked out for a time because he grew a beard…odd sounding I know and that’s one of the things I will never understand, why can’t you grow a beard? My sister in law was kicked out for a time because she married someone outside her religion…everybody is equal in the world so why would they be angry just because he’s not a Jehovah Witness? Jehovah Witness’s are not supposed to socialize with anyone outside of their religion…why I ask again, everyone is created equal.

There are some things that I will never understand, no matter how many times it gets explained to me…but as I’ve said I will never have a problem with Jehovah Witness’s, afterall they are people and were created the same way I was.

Answer #28

I have gone to meetings and have been taught by J witnessess and I think their religion is very strong. They think they are always right and that everyone else is wrong. My grandmother is a jehovah witness and she judges EVERYONE on their belief and preaches to everyone about everything they are doing wrong. From the way I see it, Jehovah witnessess are brainwashers trying to pull you in to use “proof” as to why they are the only ones truly going to the kingdom of heaven becuase they are the ones doing what god asks. As I have learned in detail about other major religions I have learned that they are all very welcoming. Jehovah witnessess are so stuck up and brain washed into belieing they are right. By doing so they only cause frustrations and fighting with others. Jehovah witnesses dont have fun either because their lives are based around god. They dont get to experience santa, or the easter bunny or the tooth fairy or birthdays. My grandmother ruined my childhood as she believed that by letting me believe in santa and the tooothfairy and all the others that this is was lying to jehovah. She ruined my childhood at 5 years old. I really do not like jehovah witnesses. can you tell? She even told me that everyone worships wrong except for the witnessess. Well how do you not know you are worhsiping wrong? YOU DONT. and you cannot use scripture or anything stupid like that for proof. What you need to use is your heart. There is no such thing as proof for religions. Live with it. AND DONT PRESSURE PEOPLE INTO FOLLOWING YOUR RELIGION BY TELLING THEM ITS THE ONLY WAY TO THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN

Answer #29

I was brought up as a jw untill I was 19.I got baptised at 11.when you get baptised you are commiting your self to the religion as if you were married.I was young,and influenced to make this step.at about the of 17,I became unhappy in the religion,it takes a lot of dedication and commitment that I began to resent.I didnt particulary believe in it either.I became increasingly unhappy,and at 19 decided to leave. my decision caused me and my father not to speak for a year.I made secret vists to my mother as she was worried other jw’s may see.people and friends I had known my whole life could no longer speak or have anything to do with me.I was alone!!! for a while ,I still defended them.they had a belief and they followed it. I even admired how commited they were.All I feel now is anger.im 25 now.and I am disguted at the way they treat people and family for making there own way in life.I made a perfectly normal decision and I was punished for it.I lost what I thought were best friends.my family and I now talk.we dont talk religion,!!! it took me years to form a normal existance.just talking to people outside the religion was hard,as you are most definatly brought up in a bubble. I know everything about the religion,and I know everything about leaving it. I believe theres support groups on line as it is a traumatising experience.im sorry ,NO im not sorry actually,but I no longer can support this religion.

Answer #30

I don’t like them at all. I especially disagree with their beliefs toward medical treatment, surgery, and blood transfusion. They would let a child or adult die instead of allowing them to be treated. That’s ignorant, dumbheaded and misguided on their part and they should be tried for murder.


Answer #31

I have experience as a JW. I now realize it is a distructive cult. Do you know what a Judicial Committee Hearing is? It’s a type of trial held secretly. JW are subjected to one if in the course of independent study they question any JW beliefs. Here is the introduction to a recording made of one so you can hear what actually goes on! youtube.com/watch?v=o2xB9CiIQMM

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