Has anyone attended a jehovah witness service?

Has anyone attended a Jehovah Witness service?
If so, how are they? Just curious.

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they are crasy they dont believe in heaven or hell they say humans dont have asoul and that we cant donate blood because its a sin!! they are MAD!

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The only times I've entered a church was once for a wedding and the other time I was to young to think of what I was doing...both times I found it incredibly boring as I do not follow their particular faiths, well these were churches not special halls so meh...pretty much boring if your not a true believer.

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I'm mormon, and I've been to a JW church service. there was a big chunk of time spent on members reporting on their proselyting. I've been on a mission, and it felt like I was at a missionary meeting again. definitely a couple mormon-like moments, though.

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My sister is a JW, so I attended one of her services to see what it was like, and it was very interesting. It's a very relaxed, but still formal worship experience, with no real "pastor," as lessons are given by members of the congregation.

Afterward, everyone helped clean up the Kingdom House, which I thought was neat.

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yes I thought they were really cool the people are really nice.

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Here is what one of their judicial committees is like.
It is a secret trial they hold for any member who sins or even questions on of the official Watchtower Society beliefs. You see, the central teaching is that Jesus Christ himself chose them to be his mouthpiece.
Intro here youtube.com/watch?v=o2xB9CiIQMM

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