What do you do when you feel lonely and sad.

What do you do when you feel lonely and sad.

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I just googled” why am I feeling lonely and sad” and start reading what has come up.

My family has grown distant from me…ie, my mom and my siblings..and I could not get the love of my life.

I have a few friends and I sometimes just sit among people, but I still feel lonely and miserable and lonely, and I wish there is a solution other than medication.

What I can suggest;what I d like to do but not sure that I can do that -talk to people esp. of opposite sex that you like and try to make a contact…I saw a pretty nice lady today but unfortunately could not summon the courage to talk. However, lets say next time…

-go to the places of your interest…and you will feel like minded person.

-concentrate on having goof healthy habbits–devote your energies on this..instead of broooding on sadness. Once you start having appreciation of your own efforts wrt your health..you will feel better. -Exercise is an essential element in this. -Read, play videogames, listen to lifting music, and do s/t for your self improvement.

All the very best

Answer #2

Think about why you are lonely and sad. Write the whole lot down - the first things that come to your head (only you can see what you’ve written so don’t hold back!!). Get it all out. Then read what you’ve written, but do not dwell on particular bad or depressing items that you have written. Now, think about how you can improve what can be improved. Forget what can’t be changed. Now write down what is good with you and your life. You’ll be surprised to see that when you really think about it, you are better off than a lot of people in the world. Now you’ve got your brain working (essential), go for a walk, breathe in lots of air, and make yourself notice nature in general and how great it is. Go back home, make yourself your favourite drink and favourite snack. Put on your favourite song; but nothing that reminds you of any bad experience or person. Now make yourself smile, even if it feels fake, keep doing it. Think about what you like doing the most - and do any one of those things right now. Keep taking long, deep breaths, this will help you refresh and feeling motivated. Ring someone for a general chat, listen to your favourite music - preferably on the radio so there are real live voices talking to you (the audience). Watch your favourite TV programmes, keep a window open to keep breathing in fresh air. Write a letter to family and/or friends that live far away. You will enjoy writing it, memories will come back, you will have nice thoughts that will make you smile and you will be picturing moments you have had with family and friends, making you feel much better and not so alone. Put in your search engine on the internet something like “chat blogs”; you may find a subject you are passionate about, that other people are aswell - enabling you to talk to real people about things you love. And if you can - ring a friend or two - go for a few drinks and laugh like never before. Tell them you are feeling down and you need them. If you are missing someone you loved for whatever reason; think of all the nice times you had but do not think for too long - just until it makes you smile- then stop. I don’t know if you were in need of such an essay; but I was on my own due to away with work for a year; just me, in a flat, in a strange part of the world, didn’t make any friends, didn’t like the job, missed all my family and friends and started hating the world. Hope this helps!!

Answer #3


Answer #4

Smoke a fat blunt to the dome!!:)

Answer #5

Why the huge essay? Why the God thing? Why all of this!?


Just say: Don’t worry… be happy sings :D

Answer #6

I listen to my favourite songs… there are some good pick-me-up songs that can basically relate to any problem… Love it. Hehe.

Answer #7

sleep and listen to music

Answer #8

Text my friends go hang out with my friends go for a drive listen to music

Answer #9

phone a mate watch a funny movie draw sing talk to people on funadvice =D

Answer #10

Listen to music♥

Answer #11

Imme, you fail. Lizzie, you rock.

I call my girlfriend… Talk to my friends on MSN. Listen to some fun and fast music… Watch TV. Play Videogames… a lot… Watch porn (lol, jk)

Answer #12

cry, write poems, yell at my poor little sister… get angry at everyone and everything around me. (encluding my Cd’s) lolz

Answer #13

For me I usually text or call a friend to hang out listen to music write poems take a walk to think about why I’m upset anything to take my mind off of what’s happening

Answer #14

Get out of your own head, get busy go do somthing. Whatever you do, do not sit around and think to much. Remember not all your thoughts are your thoughts, evil is real and negative thoughts are from the enemy (Satan) you need to challenge those thoughts and cast them out. Think of things that our good, things that our from God. Blessings, Christianwalk

Answer #15

My life seem to be going well but for some reason I can not get what I really want. I have a boyfriend who I am really in love with but he hardly call me or text me and dream with him but his absence make me feel lonely and sad. The only thing I do is cry and crossed in my mind few extremely things: Hung myself from a tree or go to a convent. Now I feel too lonely and sad and am just waiting for tomorrow. No reason to live but with hundreds of commitments (pointless one). Perhaps it does not help but don’t believe that writing is going to help me or go out with friends. They really cannot do anything. S

Answer #16

I Googled the phrase “not allowed to be lonely” This thread is really the only one I found worth looking at.

My hope was to see if ANYONE else was finding this inside impossible problem, this unresolvable dilemma themselves, deep down at their core.

It isn’t BEING lonely that is a problem, it’s not being able to ALLOW myself to be lonely. That’s what I just now understood is TRUE for me.

It’s been like having chains wrapped around my brain, and knowing something was wrong but NOT knowing what.

Not only have I had to feel that feeling, but also, I have never been able to let myself or anyone else KNOW that this is what I’m feeling! I’ve been turned inside out, like a pretzel, trying to hide, AND act as if every thing’s OK.

Thanks for asking the question, your brave.

Answer #17

just realized, being lonely is our choice, we choose to be alone, instead of being around with family, but sometimes we wanted to get around wih someone special but she or he is not available, but sometimes we choose to get along with friends but, after we went home we still feel the boredom… asking WHY? Why do we have to suffer this kind of feelings that we all know we have a choice. … I myself dont know iether… all I know is we all have our ups and down, but hope not all the time we feel so lonely and helpless…I would say im doing this chat just also to relieve, attleast I tried to figth this boredom… atleast I still know that there are lot of things to do to make feeling better… again, ask, ask ,, ask your self what makes you happy ,ignore what your brains tells you that you are sad…from that you could think of a positive one, that align you of what you wanted to do to make oyou feel better and happy…and I conclude, we need to fight for our emotions… we need to control it, we need to train it… our brain is the most powerful part of the body that controls our emotion… if you tried it and then be succesfull then I would say , loneliness and sadness will not ever come on our way!!!good luck…

Answer #18

cry and write in my journal

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