What do you do when you are being fingered for the first time?

Im 15 and my boyfriend and I have been going out for 5 months now. He's mentioned doing things and has asked me to let him finger me. I want to let him but im worried about discharge,bleeding,how to act and what to do when he does. Can anyone give me some advice? Thanks x

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furst you have to know for sure that you're reddy for him to do it.

don't worry about discharge that's normal. there might be bleadding but that's normal too. it's your hymen brakeing and will probaly happen sooner or later. as for how to act just act how comes naturally.

you should also consider the leagal sied of your choose. as you are underaged and he is over he could get in to a lot of trubbel.

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Indiana Jones...

He is going for the treasure and what ever

Booby Traps may get sprung on him he must think fast and deal with it.

if it grosses him out you don't have to worry about him asking again =) and you can relieze how mature he actually is about things

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he isnt over age?

how...Does it hurt the first time you get fingered?
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Just let your body act the way it wants to and I doubt you will bleed or have discharge unless he pops your cherry and do it when your ready

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Honestly if you still aren't comfortable don't do it. Just wait. Take things slow.

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