When was the first time you got fingered ?

What age were you when you started all that jazz?
and if your not a virgin what age did you loose it at ?

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Never got fingered but 15.

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Both at 14. :\

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ANSWER #4 of 11

lol ah 15... and 15... wish I would of waited

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ANSWER #5 of 11

haha, the age I first got fingered was 13.
im still a virgin though.

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ANSWER #6 of 11

both at 16

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ANSWER #7 of 11

Damn little girls, do you guys even know what your doing?.

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ANSWER #8 of 11

the first time I got fingered I was about 14.
I lost my v card at 15

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ANSWER #9 of 11

both- 14

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ANSWER #10 of 11

I never got fingered
but I lost my virginity when I was even younger

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ANSWER #11 of 11

At 12 by a 15yr old girl on the school bus

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