What do you do about an infected lip piercing?

Ok, I want to get my lip pierced (please don’t tell me about the risks I already know.) and I was just wonder, if it ends up getting infected is there a way to fix it and still keep the piercing in? How bad does it hurt and what will happen?

Answer #1

It’s best not to play with it very much at all. I have a bad habit of chewing on my lip rings and moving them around without washing my hands. My fist lip ring didn’t get it infected, but my second one that I’ve had for about.. four weeks now is showing signs so I’m going to clean it.

I recommend using a q-tip as you can get around the ring better and the fluff on it won’t stick to anything and cause even more problems. If you’re going to take it out, only do so for maybe half an hour to clean the lip ring and get some of the infected material out of the piercing site. Clean the ring throughly in rubbing alcohol, but rinse it off very well before you put it back in.

Try to do this maybe once a day, before you go to bed and when you wake up and your infection - if you have one - should go away.

Answer #2

I got my lip pierced last year and I had no problems with it at all, but I got the other side done a week ago and I can’t really tell if it’s infected or not. It looks different from last time around the hole. Any suggestions??

Answer #3

I got an off centre labret a few days ago & it is really sore & has little crusties all over. I know for sure if it is infected but im going to try the sea salt & warm water just for safety as for the pain of it, the pain of the actual piercing was just like a needle. if you’ve ever gotten a shot, you’ll know what I mean. also its only sore now because it might be infected but the pain is definetly bareable.

Answer #4

I got my monroe pierced about three days ago..the ball fell off and I ended up chnaging it. its still swollen and sore and its getting infected. I was told to clean it with alcholol, salt water, mouth wash and nothing seems to help. what do I do?

Answer #5

I pierced my lip by myself in 3rd period,and it didnt hurt me.So I dont think it would hurt to get it done by a profesional.My advice is keep it in!DONT TAKE IT OUT!!!my lip got infected but I still kept mine in so I think if you take care of it and twist it and dont take it out youll be okay.

Answer #6

Antibiotics will kill the infection. But I suggest you don’t put a whole in your lip in the first place. “You can’t quit stupid cold turkey” (Anonymous Comdedian)

Answer #7

snake bites… psh duhhh!!! im going to get some myself!

Answer #8

I pierced mine yesterday around 1am. There is still quite a bit of sweeling on that side of my lip. It doesnt really hurt all that much. I have been cleaning both the inside and outside of the piercing, as well as the earring itself. It does not look infescted but I cant tell. I am going to try and use the Sea Salt and Warm Water and hopefully that will work. =]

Answer #9

I peirced my lip about two weeks ago. it looks infected but if it is, it isnt bad. Everyone is saying sea salt and water, do I use a Q-tip, a cottonball? Do I take out the piercing and so the lip ring?

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Answer #11

my friend has her lip done and it got infected all she did was clean it with warm water and a little sea salt and it was good as new.

Answer #12

Sea salt really helps. As for how it feels it isn’t bad at all. It depends on how much pain you can take. Of course. For me it was just a pinch. No pain. Theonly pain I”ve had was when my ball fell off my labret and I had to push it back through the bleeding hole when it had tried to close up. I have spiders. My first lips piercing got extremely infected. It got so bad that I had a huge stinky bubble under my jewelry. I pushed it and put acohol on it often. It left a bit of a scar but my hole itself is fine now. My new hole, making my piercing a spider bite. Is about a day old. As I said above the ball fell off of it. as far as what type of jewelry you should ask your piercer to use, well, I’d say a labret. Ask for an extra ball incase yours falls off. A good piercer will give you some very good advice on taking care of your piercing before you leave. If they don’t give you advice than just look it up on line. Bodycandy.com sells very pretty and cheap jewelry by the way. For when your hole heals. =)

Answer #13

I had my lip pierced last year, and I took it out after about 2 months.. anyways I got it re pierced and I had my friend do it, the piercing itself didnt hurt at all.. but it did swell the 2nd day because I was playing around with it the first day right after I got it done since it didnt hurt, but anyways my lip so far has only been swollen for two days and im going on my fourth day now and the swelling and the inconvient pain is going away, on the outside part is the only part that hurts, the inside doesnt really hurt that much at all, but remember the inside of your mouth can clean itself or fight off infection than the outside since it is exposed to the world.. anyways just clean the outside and inside about twice a day either with saline soaks like nasal spray, or get sea salt and a dixie cup and some warm water from your bathroom sink and just pour the hot water with the sea salt mixture on the outside of the piercing.. then take a q tip with the remains of the water and clean around the ring.. the inside of your mouth I wouldnt worry about it too much.. but I just clean around the inside with the q tip like I did the outside and get alocohol free listerine its like a yellowish color and just swoosh it around your mouth for about twenty seconds… do not take your piercing out or soak it in anything like alcohol peroxide or anything like that that is just stupid so I don’t know what kind of advice some of these people are giving you.. but do not take it out what so ever.. every piercing at first might not hurt but it will of course hurt the next day since it is a brand new wound.. but I dont think you will have anything to worry about.. I have had many piercings I have a bunch of tattoos that I have to take care of at once and my piercing too.. some people dont brush there teeth twice a day or clean there piercing but once a day, and not only that but im a smoker and I do not clean it after every cig I mean come on that is just way to much or every meal.. some people like to eat a lot lol .. and thats fine for christ sake we are human and have other things to do, but do not stress out I am a person who loves piercings and tattoos and do not take the best care of them but not as much as I am supposed to and my piercings have been fine and I have been doing the same thing with my new lip piercing and its healing and no infection at all and the pain swelling and all that shananigans is going away it just takes time to heal it is a new wound in your body.. but like I said just do not take it out.. anyways I hope that this is a lot of help to you and enjoy your new piercing!!!

Answer #14

If you have a piercing that gets infected, DO NOT take it out. If you remove the jewelry from the piercing when it’s infected it can cause an abscess, which is significantly more difficult to treat than a simple infection.

This from the APP’s website on how to treat an infected piercing:

  • Increased mild sea salt soaks (for minor infections)
  • Oral/topical antibiotics, as prescribed by a physician
  • Removal of jewelry in the presence of an infection may result in an abscess. In the event there is a localized, draining infection, quality jewelry should be left in place to allow for passage of matter to the surface
Answer #15

I just got a labret piercing a few weeks ago. didnt really hurt. to clean it I use h2ocean spray on both inside and outside few times a day,mouthwash after every meal (even after drinking water.), in tha shower use ONLY dial liquid soap its the best. and never ever take it out even if it is infected. because it will trap any bacteria inside your system causeing it to spread. I have 9 piercings and have been threw an absessed navel piercing that lasted 4monthes. so take my word on it. and oral piercings require a good amount of high hygeine and patience.

Answer #16

well I just got my lip pierced las week and it was fine up until today. yesterday I put peroxide on it and then I woke up this morning and my lip was swollen and it had a burning sensation on the inside. theres a small infection but im going to try to sea salt water ,and if that dosent work im going to go to the doctors to get antibiotics. but never take out a piercing when it gets infected. that will just make things worse. if your not sure of what to do simply go to the doctors or back to the place where you got it done and have them take a look at it

Answer #17

if it gets infected you can soak it in a cup of warmwater with a bit of sea salt in it…this helps. do it for about 10 minutes a day. dont over-clean the peircing as well, as this can cause an infection. for pain, expect a needle to poke a hole through your lip, then a ring going through it if it gets infected really bad then take it out, wait about 3 months or untill it has fully healred and try again. all peircings cause the area to swell up for about 2 days so expect tha too hope this helped

Answer #18

DONT TAKE IT OUT! warm water and sea salt mixed together will help!

Answer #19

Well, if you get it done by a professional and look after it… you shouldn’t need to worry about it getting infected. Just make sure you are cleaning it properly and do it as much as you are supposed to. If it does get infected, I’m sure theres something you could put on it… depends how bad the infection is though, if its really bad it will probley need to be taken out. I used to have mine done, it was a bit painful I’m not going to lie. My lip was swelled for a couple of days, kinda sucked. I got bored of it after a few months and took it out.

Answer #20

I just got mine pierced two days ago and it got kinda infected cause I kept playing around witht he piercing and moving so what I did is I took out the piercing put it in hydrogen peroxide and squeezed out all the pus cleaned it with the peroxide salt and alcohol the swelling went down and its fine now after I just put neosporin on it (I also heard vicks helps)

Answer #21

A lot of these people don’t know what they are talkin about. First of all if it gets infected don’t take it out what so ever. Don’t use alcohol or neosporin (how eva you spell it) but wash your hands b 4 touchin it. When you clean it anti-bacterial is the best thing to use. Bactine is also good. It prevents and stops infection I really hope this helps good luck love

Lady b~more

Answer #22

If you get an infection, which is unlikely if you take good care of it just leave it in and use sea salt soaks up to three times a day and rinse with mouthwash after eating, smoking or drinking anything other than water. It will sort itself out =]

Answer #23

I pierced mine like to days ago and I think it is infected so I take it out and clean it an get all the pus out and stick it back in and its ok for awile and once I can feel the all the infection buliding up I do the same and hopely it will be fine..?

Answer #24

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Answer #25

In your little rant you basically said people get pierced only for attention, ‘freaks’ get plastic surgery so they can look ‘normal’ and ‘God’ gave me the skin I’m in… You’re calling the pierced cattle but it sounds to me like you really can’t think for yourself… MY <- (keyword) body is a temple, so why can’t I decorate it?

Answer #26

My body is a temple so why cant i decorate it? *

Answer #27

I got my Monroe done about four days ago. It was sore at first and I got a little worried because the swelling wouldn’t go down. It did eventually and I thought it was okay. Yesterday, I noticed it was getting a bump around it. I wasn’t sure if this was sign of infection of not. SO i went to my local piercing shop and bough some H2Ocean. Supposedly, this stuff is amazing and is suppose to sure everything. I’ve been spraying it on, inside and out 6 times a day and it’s not really doing anything. Any suggestions?

Answer #28

go visit a doctor fast!

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