What do girls want to see in a guy?

So basically all girls want there prince charming right. Theres a lil controversay in this bcause girls say they want a nice guy but typically go for jerk. As a whole what are some key components that guy has to have in order for a girl to fall into the deepest aspect of love with this guy. Also are looks really that crucial to girls or can they be over looked so long as he’s well groomed in shape and loving? Or do girls want a mix of the nice guy and the jerk? some feed back would be greatly appreciated =)

Answer #1

Ah, I want a guy who’ll be nice. I don’t think many girls want a nerd, but it’s good if the guy’s got some brains. I think guys should put their opions in instead of going along with everything. I also hate it when guys just talk about hunting and inappropriate stuff. I also have a liking to guys with nice bodies and especially the hair:) I guess also eyes are a big effect on me, but only if they’re amazing. I guess I’m a bit judgemental of people’s outside appearance, but lately I’ve been noticing that the longer you hang around a guy, the more you get to know him and, possibly, like him. Hope this helped in whatever waay you’re using it;)

Answer #2

we go for the “jerks” because they look good looks are important but the inside is what matters the most

Answer #3

A girl wants like the most charming guy ever. From my point of view I want someone who can listen closely to all my thoughts, feels for me when I am down, and is an awesome cook. Plus manners make it ever better. :)

Answer #4

Its quite weird ..the “jerk” usually plays a lil hard to get which makes girls want him more instead of the boring nice guy. Looks arn’t crucial if the girl is looking for a long term partner. The kind of guy I would want at the moment would be a bit of a tease and confidence but NOT cocky, a guy that likes to listen and will beat up any guy that disses me aha .I’ve been out with a few real sensitive guys and they turn out to be way too clingy and needy. Girls likes in a guy constantly change as they grow and experience things in other relationships eg.Sensitive=Clingy in my opinion.

Oh and a funny guy is usually a good turn on.

Answer #5

ummm well before me and my boyfriend and I were dating we were like really good friends ummm he smiles at me and hugs me all the time and hes really sweet and makes me laugh a lot xoxo

Answer #6

Hah… I have the tendency to attract guys that are under the influence. Heh, what you read will be things that have happened to me. What I’d look for in a guy:

-Responsibility: Looking after his family and etc, I greatly admire that. Someone who makes a promise and fulfills it. Or apologizes like hell to make up for it.

-Intelligence: Someone who actually thinks when they’re talking to me. Instead of leaving their mouth hanging like an idiot. Unless it’s a subject he doesn’t understand, then I’d understand.

-Perspective: Instead of just looking in their own point of view, they take my feelings into consideration. Tbh, a lot of men tend to only do what they want.

-Listens: Er, c’mon now. If I’m talking about something seriously, don’t change the subject just because you’re not man enough to answer. This has happened so so many times.

-Clean: Please, please, please. Pick up after yourself. If you knock something over, do something. If you finish eatting, please wash your dishes. Please brush your teeth, please take a shower.

-Apologies: After we fight, don’t think it’s the end of the world. When we fight, please want to make things work. Please try to find a solution. And then we’ll laugh about it after it’s over. Because we knew we were just goofs.

-Don’t be a sexist bastard: ‘okay you’re the girl. you wash the dishes. I pay the food. that’s the deal remember?’ Er, no. If I’m a girl I can hold a career, I can bring home the bacon sometimes. And no, if we do things, we’ll decide together. Women are not objects, honey.

-AboveTheInfluence: No, drinking + smoking do not make you kool. No, drugs in the school bathroom don’t make me feel more attracted. It just makes you more of a dick when you’re high. Stay away from me.

-Action: Okay, if someone starts hitting on me right in front of you. Don’t be a pussy, step up to the plate and go ‘that’s mah woman’. You make me feel like I’m not yours. And there’s a difference between cute and obnoxious affection. Obnoxious: PDA. In front of friends. Cute: ‘I love you’ kisses before you depart.

-Consideration: Honey, I like how you have friends. But, gee, can you stop texting?

-Hobbies/Interests: Have something you’re passionate about. Have something you want to go all out for. Something that can drive you insane yet bring you sheer joy.

-Love: Essential, please tell me how much you care everyday. And once in a while do cute things involving flowers. Nah that was a joke, but please, at least show some initiative.

Haha, I got into a rant. All of these things… Are what I’d like see in a guy. Of course I’m not picky, but these would be some things I’d like to see. Of courseee, the world. As cruel as it is, does not have everything. But it’s alright with me. I could wait for that one special guy.

Answer #7

I’d personally have dated a jerk and now I hate him…kind of. Right now I am dating a really nice and shy guy. I would choose which ever one truly seems to love me for me and not ask me to change who I am. I feel better when I was with the jerk cause he knew what to do, but with the guy I am with right now I feel more secure and happy and more loved.

Answer #8

well I’ve only dated jerks…well the one was the other wasn’t but when we decided that it wasn’t working then he just flipped out on me…he told me the only reason he got with me was so he could hook up…MAJOR JERK! I think honesty and truthfulness are important…


Answer #9

well peronaly I go 4 a guy that loves me and is in shape and would stand up 4 me though what ever

Answer #10


Answer #11

I never have had a boy friend in person, I have written to some on the internet. But I did think a lot when I was in my late teens and twenties. I cannot stand jerks but I am not American, my father said my mother liked waiters, I do not think waiters should really exist almost, I would fetch the food myself and hand the plate back, except when I am tired. I did and do like looks, but today they are less important, and I did want to see courage, speed, good driving, good shots, intelligence, I mean I am just honest that is what I respond to, or else I did respond to spiritual depth and great intelligence and a likeable nature.

Answer #12

Having gone from dating a jerk to dating a nice guy, usually the jerk has one thing over the nice guy – confidence. The jerk seems like he has things under control, knows how to deal with troublesome situations, even if all he does is shoot a nasty remark or beat it up. The nice guy, in comparison, often seems wimpy or meek because he may be too shy to ask out that girl he likes. In general, yes, being well-groomed helps. Doing something that makes you stand out (in a good way) also helps. While some relationships bear fruit after a friendship period, this is not always the case. My recommendation to stay a good guy and still get the girl is to remain confident whenever you can. Behave like a gentleman, whether that means holding a door open for your damsel or treating her nicely. Bring her a little gift, like a flower, to get her attention. Some girls want Prince Charming, but you can’t be perfect, so just be nice and above all – confident.

Answer #13

I definately agree with the whole confidence thing. A girl wants a guy who believes in himself, who will treat her like she’s one thing he never wants to lose. Of course a girl wants someone nice, with a sense of humor, and in all honesty most girls like a cute guy. Though the outside is not nearly as important as what’s on the inside, some girls just don’t think in such a way. The best thing to do is just being yourself..I’m sure there are plenty of girls out therefor you.

Answer #14

I agree with username:risingstar.

Answer #15

hmmm,haha well I don’t know I LOVEEE my boyfriend like to death butt he can be a biggg butthole sometimes but we always end up cuddling.lol I guess he’s my prince charming(I know it sounds gay..lol) because he’s just him,he’s just a combination of everything to me but it is true that looks are really crucial,well to me.(:

Answer #16

I’m always dating guys who are not pretending to be somone else. like special guys I guess. just be yourself

Answer #17

lol well, I think it’s the common belief that girls want the jerk instead of the nice guy. All of my friends and I even want a nice guy. You don’t keep a relationship with a jerk. From my experience, its all about chemisty and making a friendship first and then deeper bonds. You learn to accpet the person as they are, they will always have their faults, wether they be grooming to personality. It all depends on the girl and the guy.

Answer #18

ok so, I guess I’m nto the typical girl. I want a guy who’ll be sweet to me but protective…wich is why girls fall for jerks, they want a guy who’ll stand up for them, so ya.

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