Why guys always start by wanting to finger girls?

I really needs to know I mean it brings no pleasure to them (the guys lol).and they always like to start off by wanting to finger you, is it like a test to see how tight your girl is? What? Please tell me if you know

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no, its rarely a test
a guy wants to finger a girl usually because apart from oral, its something else to do before sex
guys do get horny from fingering girls, listening to them moan and trying to mke them orgasm
so its not like there doing it for nothing

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I think its just to turn you on..like prepare you for wats comiNG next...and if you get so horny, d way you moan can kinda turn him on too.

Why is it a turn on for a guy for a girl to suck on his finger?
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We (guys) do that because one it's not as out there as just starting off giving head or fucking and the girl usually would think it's moving to fast. And two they want to get you horny so hopefully your up to go farther sexually

what do guys think of girls who finger themselves?

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